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Which Character from Lost Are You?

So which character from Lost are you? You've always wondered, right? Have you ever thought about how you deal with confrontation? How about the big question...do you believe in God?  Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2016/02/which-character-from-lost-are-you/

Lost Series Wrap up???

Well, there were a variety of ways to take this series e.g. the island with the hatches was actually a buried alien space ship, whatever, the sky was the limit. I distinctly remember saying after the first several episodes,"If this just ends up that they were killed in the crash all along I'm really going to be pissed!" Well guess what? Working Ben Linus and crew into this concept was haphazard at best. This was supposed to be a series with a specific shelf life from the get go, so the writers should have carefully cast the thing in concrete; however, it's obvious they instead took a lot of rabbit trails while thinking/writing on the fly until they painted themselves into a corner and threw together an ending usually expected for wrapping up a canceled show. If this wasn't enough, their arrogance during the commentary show in stating that they somehow "changed television" is galling. Changed whaaat? Are you kidding me? It's hard to accept their praises to the fan base when most folks had to suffer thru 45 min. of commercials on regular TV to see the big letdown. I feel cheep and used and am therefor going into the shower to scrub until all of the hot water runs out!

How LOST should have ended

look at this video, it has more sense that the actual Lost ending.

There is no flash sideways

Well played Lost writers. I didn't see that coming.

So what is the Island?

Sorry if its a stupid question but what is the purpose of the place?

Jin and Sun are alive!

*points at the picture Sidereel has for The End pt.1*

How Do You Want Lost to End?

With only four episodes to go until the two-hour series finale of Lost, we want to know: In a fantasy world where you're in charge of ABC's head-trip drama, how would you write the end of the series? Who would live? Who would die? Who would fall in love? Who would stay on the island? Who would leave? And where would they go? How would you explain the island? The post-815 alternate timeline? Try to answer these questions - and any others you might have - in your responses. Be as specific as possible. "It's purgatory, they're all dead already" won't cut it. We already know how insightful our readers are about Lost from the comments section of our episode recaps. This is your chance to shine. Source Here


I was just watching this 2007 movie of the famous video game and I noticed that "Desmond" is one of the vilains of the plot, he is a russian arms dealer. His russian accent was really funny!

Lost is finally losing me as I become too exhausted to follow

You who hang onto every plot twist and over-analyze every fragment that's thrown your way are making me just as turned off this season as the show itself. Richard's episode was the best this season without a doubt. FINALLY an episode that answers more questions than it poses. As I watch each episode every week I am no longer left with that feeling of HOLY CRAP as I used to be. None of the episodes end on the powerful note they once did. I am not claiming that I could write a show any better. I am not even claiming that I can write a show, which is why I HATE the lost nerds and critics. I keep WAITING for something to pick up and change to really suck me back in but in the end am left with a feeling that it's all become a mediocre waste that many of the characters themselves are beginning to express. "Destiny"? I don't know. What I do know is that if you want GOOD television you have to expand beyond network tv and check out shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad. In comparison shows like that are making Lost and it's followers look too pathetic for me to follow. So go ahead and criticize me, analyze the hell (ha ha, pun INTENDED) out of every little plot twist but I for one am beginning to feel there is more out there. Thank you Lost for reminding me that television is just that and there is a REAL life out there is equally if not more possibilities than what the crap these monkeys are throwing at me each week. Hola bitches.

Jacob vs. Lucifer

I found it interesting that Mark Pellegrino's character, Jacob, was referred to as being the Devil.... because in Supernatural he plays Lucifer, the Devil. The characters seem almost identical in disposition and personality. Both believe that they are the true rulers, have someone like a brother who wishes to kill them, and are fighting for the loyalty of the regular human population. So, now the question: does this hint that Jacob may indeed be of a more devious nature as his nameless enemy would have us believe?