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Lost season six.. i guess "they" were lost!

I am big fan of the lost series ! and I was looking forward to this final season however , I believe this season is the worst season of all drama I ever watched ..like they are running in circles . especially the sundown episode like I was lost . I dont know if I am that excited to continue with it . so do you think season six will sum it up? or you think it will be great disaster !?

SideReel: This Week in TV - 2.28.2010 - Featured

Time for an all new This Week in TV where Kendra and Rachel tell you - of course - what's happening on TV this week! While the XXI Olympic Winter Games were a fun diversion, we're pretty psyched that they're over and that some of our favorite shows are now returning! K & R discuss what's back - including many of our NBC favorites (Chuck, The Office) - and some new premieres - including Parenthood ! They also discuss some strange guest starring roles, in honor of Mischa Barton's somewhat odd guest starring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit this week. To find out what she plays, you'll have to watch: This Week in TV - 2.28.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. As always, we'd love to hear your comments and feedback below in comments! Which recent guest stars have you found to be the most bizarre?

How Many shows will Season 6 have?

Does Anyone know how many episodes season 6 will contain? More than 20 or will it be like seasons 4 & 5 with 14-17 episodes?

Why LOST has risked it all in the final season. - Featured

This post includes spoilers of LOST's sixth season. Let's be honest, ABC's once hit-show LOST has steadily declined in viewership over the past few years. Those who stuck with it were only hardcore fans, and a few people who drifted in and out of the happenings of the show. Probably the greatest reason for its declining viewership would be the incredulity and unanswered mysteries of the show. Fans assured others that it would all make sense in the end, with a reasonable conclusion. But with the beginning of LOST's sixth and final season, the producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have risked it all. The new narrative technique of LOST could ultimately turn away everyone - including the fans. I have been a long-time fan of LOST, but I can already foresee that if these two narratives do not have an astoundingly good and sensible reconciliation, there will be countless fans who themselves cannot be reconciled, having been cheated these past years. Perhaps my apprehension for the conclusion is my unfamiliarity with the sci-fi genre. This is the only sci-fi show that I watch, and I rarely watch sci-fi films. Yet I have been captivated by LOST. It could be my inexperience in the genre that prevents me from laying all my trust in Lindelof and Cuse. The problem I am foreseeing is of course the 'flash sideways', the new narrative technique that tells the story of the survivors having landed Flight 815 in Los Angeles in 2004. This story is simultaneously being told as a narrative in 2007, where the survivors endured the Incident in 1977 before travelling through time to 2007. I have tolerated flashbacks, flash-forwards and time travel on LOST, but the flash sideways has raised a red-flag. To me it feels like they couldn't decide what to do, and someone just said 'let's do both'. In saying this, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. The reconciliation of these stories however will have to make sense otherwise their will be more annoyed fans than when The Sopranos ended. The episode titled LA X told the dual stories of the survivors landing in Los Angeles in 2004, and the survivors still on the island in 2007. In 2004, Locke was paralyzed, Hurley was lucky, Shannon stayed in Australia, Desmond was on the plane not in the hatch. And just to make it more problematic, the island is underwater. WHAT IS GOING ON? In 2007, everything is 'normal' on the island, Juliet is dead and the survivors are taken to the Temple by the Others. Some people have suggested the two story lines are alternate universes. This is supported by the episode title, as apparently in the sci-fi genre 'X' is often used to signify the alternate reality. That is to say that our planet would be called Earth, but the alternate Earth would be called 'Earth X'. So by that rationale that would suggest alternate realities. But I don't think so. There has to be a connection between it all, why the island is underwater in '2004 X'. For years I have gone on blind faith that this will all make sense but this has just thrown it open further. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse explain the flash sideways and the "alternate reality". But the greatest question the episode asked: "Why and when was Richard Alpert in chains"?

Was it a mistake or something they did not care about in the show??

May be most or all people did not notice, but I did. In LOST final season episode 1, there was a mistake. When Sayid was looking at Nadia's photo inside his passport, I noticed something. The customs declaration form that he was holding in his hands stated that he is an Iraqi. However, his passport clearly reads that it is issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Have they thought about carefully or it was something that they thought nobody will notice and they did not care about? I would be grateful if anyone explains it to me. Thanks

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve form season one....remember the two corpses in the caves.... its got to be Kate and Jack! or Kate and Sawyer...mabye

SideReel: This Week in TV - 2.1.2010 - Featured

It's the beginning of an all new exciting week of TV and Kendra and Rachel are back to dish on what's new! This week - in addition to highlighting TV Premieres, Specials and Returns (like Lost and Friday's Smallville TV movie!) - K&R share a Comedy Central giveaway where you can win Sarah Silverman Program and Important Things with Demetri Martin DVDs as well as spend a little extra time discussing the return of Lost. Watch to find out some of K&R's Top Unanswered Questions that remain on Lost and also to learn how YOU can win a Lost Season 5 DVD! Check out the video here: SideReel's This Week in TV (2/1/10) Please comment below with your own Top Unanswered Question from Lost! You can also tweet it to us over @sidereel . You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. We'd love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback about the week in TV, SideReel's new video podcasts, and whatever else you have to say, so leave it all in the comments below!

Lost, The Final Season: Who Should Kate Choose? - Featured

The final season of Lost is almost here!! Besides the millions of mysteries we're hoping will resolve by the end of the season, it's also time to resolve the love triangle biggie of this crazy drama: Will Kate end up with Jack or Sawyer? We left off last season with Kate and Jack on uncertain terms when they went from engaged in the real world, to disastrous, to dealing with each other in the 1970s island world. Then we had Kate clearly containing her excitement over seeing Sawyer who she quickly discovered was happily living with Juliet! Nice love twist since Juliet was of course originally a love interest for Jack. Going into the final season, we don't know if Juliet died plus if the time reset she may have died for really happened. So it's possible Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed, and none of this love triangle-square drama ever even happened. But with this possibility, it's still likely all their paths will still meet, or if the reset didn't work, it was looking like Kate's feelings were leaning towards Sawyer, if he'd have her. Phew! I'm confused... but still - no matter what happens in this final season, it's very likely Kate will end up with either Jack or Sawyer, so are you routing for Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate for whatever happily ever after-ish ending the series may have? Share your votes in the comments!

Lost, The Final Season: How Should the Series End? - Featured

There are tons of unanswered questions as we go into Lost 's final season, but the biggest question of all is: How will the series ultimately end? While us true blue fans know that J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, and the rest of those working on Lost are geniuses with a plan... do we reeeally trust that they planned out this final ending perfectly? Could it all end up being an extended dream? Could it be that they will reset time and none of this we've spent years of our lives following really happened? There are plenty of possible awful endings that could just ruin the entire series, but there are also lots of fantastic ending possibilities that could blow our minds! Here are five of the basic possible endings, so add your comments below telling us which of these endings you're hoping for the most or hoping absolutely won't happen, plus share other possibilities you're hoping for or against! 1. Juliet and the gang really reset time so Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed on the island 2. They didn't reset time, so they're still stuck in the 1970s, but eventually they find another way to get off the island, and all the survivors return to the "real world" to live whatever lives they can find for themselves in present time 3. All those on Flight 815 really died when the plane crashed, so the island is some lame sort of purgatory, so the end of the series will be them resolving their problems letting them finally rest in their afterlives 4. The Oceanic 6 realize they were miserable back in the "real world," and that living on the island all together is what they're meant to do... for some reason with some sort of more positive island life coming out of it 5. The mysteries of Charles Widmore and Jacob will become clear, revealing fascinating reasons the 815 survivors (and the Others?) are all meant to be on the island, which will probably resolve in some sort of survivor revolt or giving in to whatever either of these guys had planned for them Of course there are tons more possibilities within and beyond these! Do you think one of those options are going to happen, of course with a whole lot more complication, madness, and awesomeness happening along the way? Or is there another way you think the show should or will end? Share your theories and predictions in the comments!

The Top Ten Ensemble Casts on Television

Over the years, television has provided us with some of the best ensembles, with talented acting and amazing chemistry. In fact, without a solid cast even the most intriguing of premises falls flat. From title characters to one-time guests, these are my personal top ten TV casts. 1) West Wing: One of the Emmy-winningest casts of all time: Bradley Whitford as political genius and social failure Josh Lyman, Rob Lowe as lovable but naive Sam Seaborn, Allison Janney as the amazing (to say the least) CJ Cregg, Richard Schiff as the brilliant but stubborn Toby Zeigler, and of course one of the greatest performances of all television: Martin Sheen as the President. The guests on this show were no slouch either: Tim Matheson as the sleazy but somehow adorable John Hoynes, Gary Cole as the idiotic Bingo Bob, Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda as the great choices for successor, Lily Tomlin, Oliver Platt, mark Harmon, Marlee Matlin, and so many more... and lest we forget, Lord John Marbury. 2) The Practice: Notables: Lara Flynn Boyle as DA Helen Gamble, Camryn Mannheim as the indomitable Eleanor, Marla Sokoloff as the adorable and loudmouthed Lucy, Dylan McDermott as the sticks-to-his-guns main character Bobby Donnell, and of course... James Spader as the terrible yet wonderful Alan Shore. Guests: So many amazing performances: John Larroquette, Marlee Matlin, Sharon Stone, and who can forget the amazing performance by future Ben Linus player Michael Emerson? 3) MASH: Alan Alda heads up a cast that literally defined television for a generation, with people like Jamie Farr (Klinger), McLean Steveson (Blake), Mike Farrell (BJ), Harry Morgan (Potter), Loretta Swit (Houlihan), and a host of others. A truly amazing cast. 4) Arrested Development: Possibly the best cast for a comedy ever: Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Portia di Rossi, David Cross, Alia Shakwat, Tony Hale, and Jessica Walter portrayed a dysfunctional family better than anyone else. A titanic guest list with almost 50 stars, including everyone from Charlize Theron to Amy Poehler to Judge Reinhold to Ben Stiller. 5) Friends: Here is a cast that went beyond acting and actually gave the most belivable impression of friendship ever on television: you believed that Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe had chemistry. Not only that, but the sheer volume of A-list guests they had was amazing! Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts... so many names. 6) Lost: Notables: Terry O' Quinn as the mysterious John Locke, Michael Emerson as the most mainiacal villain of television: Ben Linus, Matthew Fox as hero Jack Shepherd, Jeremy Davies as the eccentric Daniel Faraday, Elizabeth Mitchell as the tough exterior and vulnerable interior former Other Juliet Burke, Dominic Monaghan as the rock-n-rolling Brit Charlie, and many, many more. 7) Boston Legal: This legal comedy was revolutionary in its genre, but more revolutionary in its casting. While young lawyers came and went, the popular characters on the show (William Shatner, James Spader, and Candice Bergen). Don't forget John Larroquette, Betty White, and that lovable autistic lawyer, Jerry Espenson. 8) Sports Night: A hidden gem, Sports Night didn't star a lot of well-known people (aside from Felicity Huffman), but it was one of the most believable and charming casts ever on television. 9) St. Elsewhere: Not a lot of people remember this show, but the actors and actresses that got their start here went on to do wonderful things. Ed Begley Jr., Helen Hunt, Mark Harmon, Howie Mandel, Bruce Greenwood, Christina Pickles and lest we forget... Denzel Washington. 10) ER: The cast was always changing, but at its height, ER starred George Clooney, Noah Wyle, and Julianna Marguiles. From Anthony Edwards to Angela Bassett and everyone in between, this show wowed audiences.