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'Lost' Preview: Happy Endings for the Dead?

I just realized it now: we only have three and a half hours of Lost left. Ever. Tonight the series' penultimate episode airs, and after what transpired in "Across the Sea," it seems that more things will make sense. Consider the promos for the episode: all those reflection scenes in the flash-sideways! Also consider the name of tonight's episode: "What They Died For." It seems that we will get happy endings for the dead, much like what many of us thought when Sun and Jin died a few weeks back--that their romance will continue in the alternate timeline with a marriage in the United States and a baby on the way. But will it be a happy ending for everyone? It could be for Sawyer and Kate, who are being brought together by fate over there. It could be for Sayid, who, last we heard, was arrested for killing Keamy and Omar. It surely is for Hurley, who finally went on a date with Libby, and for Desmond, who integrates the timelines when he meets Penny. To Read More Click Here .

Matthew Fox talks 'Lost' ending with David Letterman

On last night’s Late Show, Matthew Fox - shiny suit and boots! - swung by to talk about the fever pitch of anticipation around the show’s finale. As David Letterman insisted last week to Evangeline Lilly - “a lovely young woman,” the host said obliviously, “who’s always on the show all the time” - the only ending he’ll accept is a dream sequence. “The only way this show will make any sense is if someone goes ‘Wake up, wake up,’” he told Fox. “And you go ‘oh, oh, we’re landing in Cincinnati.’ I will accept nothing other than that.” Fox did give us one spoiler: Cincinnati will play no part in the series finale. Check out the video: To Read More Click Here .

Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: I've got Finale Fever! Gossip Girl, 90210, House, Lost & More

Welcome to a new week of TV! Finales Schedule Check out this week's finales here and keep track of all the upcoming finales on our complete finale schedule list . Finales I'm Psyched for This Week As usual when finale time comes around, I'm like a kid in a candy store - just spinning in circles, overwhelmed, excited, and I want it all!! Last week had a good amount of finales, but for my TV tastes, this week is what I'm talkin about. As you can see from the list post noted above, there are plenty more finales than I'm about to gush about, but these are my most thrilling ones of the week! Gossip Girl - Honestly, I'm kind of over Gossip Girl, but it's one of those shows I'm going to keep watching until the bitter end. I recently caught up on the last few episodes and I hate to admit it, but I'm feeling very invested in the Chuck-Blair outcome in the finale tonight. They're the only reason I actually still like the show, and at this point, they've gone back and forth between being together and not enough times that this seems like the ultimate choice. If they don't get back together now, they cannot get back together. Ever. Or at least in the next few seasons. And that, my friends, is just unacceptable in my book. While we're on the subject, check out my top 10 OMFG Gossip Girl scandals and watch the finale tonight! House - House has been one of my top favs since I caught up marathon-style about two seasons ago, so I can't help but get excited for what looks like an epic House finale. My only concern here is that they gave us reason to doubt if they could carry on from last season's finale as Dr. House went to the mental institution, but since I re-fell in love with the show this past fall for rockin' that whole possibly disastrous storyline, I'm worried that they used all their powers to make that awesome, and have no further plans. Hence, perhaps, the random traumatic accident finale. But I still have faith in this show, so here's hoping this finale will not just be a big accident-focused finale to distract from the fact that they have no exciting plot to work with for a big finale. 90210 - Ooo! Ooo! Is it finally time to wrap up the Jasper storyline? Tell me it's so, CW!! I have liked this show more than I planned to this season, so I'm very much looking forward to some exciting finale developments around my fav couple, Adrianna and Navid, plus I CANNOT wait for the weakest link of this season, Jasper, to just go away, but hopefully with a splash that will leave us hanging on what will happen to Annie. Finally. Modern Family - I. love. Modern Family. In the case of a half hour comedy that's not plot-driven, it's hard to look forward to a finale because it just means the end of hilariousness for three months, and not a big sendoff since it's hard for them to make much todo about silliness. But I feel like the last few episodes of this one have been especially strong, and really every episode for its entire first season has been strong, so while the finale probably won't pull out any shockers, I'm looking forward to a little extra finale-style effort that will definitely be sitting on my DVR for re-watching as long as possible! NBC Thursday Comedies - Usually I would just say I'm looking forward to The Office finale, but considering the letdown Office has been since Jim and Pam's wedding, I've been only enjoying it as part of the NBC Thursday comedy line-up. Right now my favorite is actually Parks & Recreation with 30 Rock a little bit in its own realm, but perhaps a second at this point. Community has surprised me with some great episodes recently too, making the four show line-up all worth looking forward to as a whole this week to see how they round out their overall fun seasons. Lost - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! Don't forget, Losties! While this one still has a new episode inbetween now and its finale, I'm focused on the finale since they seem to be saving all the really big stuff for the final, giant episode. I want answers, people. Do you think we'll get any? Any way about it, I'll be thrilled just to see how this entire TV phenomenon turns out... as long as it's not all a dream. What finales are you most looking forward to this week? The SideReel Editorial Team is on Twitter! Follow Kendra @sidereelKendra Follow Rachel @sidereelRachel Follow Alex @sidereelAlex Follow Dom @animereel You can also follow us on Twitter @sidereel for the big SideReel happenings and become a fan on Facebook . Last Week's Editorial Columns Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Finale Fever, Exciting Eps & What Shows May Lose Me Post-Finale Alex's Reality Rant: My Top 8 Most Embarrassing Reality Show Secrets Revealed

Five Questions 'Lost' is Not Going to Answer

So now there are only two episodes of 'Lost' left (3 1/2 hours, to be exact), and they're giving us a lot of answers. Now, some fans are freaking out over those answers, but they are answers nonetheless. However, producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have said that they're not going to answer every single question that fans might have. A few weeks ago, I gave a list of the questions I wanted the show to answer before it ends, and after the jump are the five questions I don't think the show is going to bother to answer. 1. The Man in Black's real name. This isn't just a guess by me, Cuse and Lindelof said in this great interview with Alan Sepinwall that they're not going to tell us what the Man in Black's name is (if he even has one), and though some fans might not like that, it's the story they want to tell. To Read More Click Here .

'Lost' Stars Talk Series Finale

In celebration of the series finale, we invited Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Emilie de Ravin and Daniel Dae Kim on our Outside the Box to talk about 'Lost.' The four 'Lost' co-stars discussed the mysteries they are most anxious to have answered, the most shocking moments from the show and what they do when the cameras aren't rolling. They gave us personal insights into their characters and how they've deal with what's happened to them over the course of the series. In this clip, O'Quinn reveals what he would've changed about Locke. To Read More Click Here .

Get Ready For This Week's Season Finales, Including Gossip Girl, The Office, & LOST!

If you thought last week's Vampire Diaries and Supernatural finales were too much to handle, get ready for a whole slew of season-enders in store for this week that are sure to surprise! From dramas like House and Gossip Girl to must-watch comedies like Modern Family and The Office , this week is a busy one when it comes to our TV favorites. Oh! And don't forget about Sunday's evening-long series closer of Lost ! The SideReel gang can't decide if we're more excited or sad about all these finales! The real tragedy, however, would be missing one of them, so make sure you've planned ahead for this week's final episodes: Monday, May 17th 8/7c: One Tree Hill on The CW 8/7c: House on Fox 9/8c: Gossip Girl on The CW 10/9c: Castle on ABC Tuesday, May 18th 8/7c: 90210 on The CW 10/9c: V (Reimagined Series) on ABC Wednesday, May 19th 8:30/7:30c: The Middle on ABC 9/8c: Modern Family on ABC 9:30/8:30c: Cougar Town on ABC 10/9c: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC Thursday, May 20th 8/7c: Bones on Fox 8/7c: Community on NBC 8:30/7:30c: Parks and Recreation on NBC 9/8c: Grey's Anatomy on ABC 9/8c: The Office on NBC 9/8c: Fringe on Fox 9:30/8:30c: 30 Rock on NBC Sunday, May 23rd 9/8c: Lost on ABC (with special recap episode at 7/6c) 9/8c: Family Guy on Fox Don't forget to check out our master finale calendar here to plan ahead for all the season finales to come, & find out which ones you may have missed already!

Top Moments: The Truth Revealed on 24, Lost, and Vampire Diaries

Television told the truth this week. Brandy spoke her mind on The Amazing Race. Damon made his intentions clear on The Vampire Diaries. Laura Bush revealed some surprising opinions. Lost introduced us to Adam and Eve. And Betty White told it like it is on Saturday Night Live. Welcome to Top Moments: Straight Talk Edition. 10. Sorest Loser: Still bitter over being U-Turned on The Amazing Race by arch-enemies and third-place finishers Brent and Caite, Brandy lashes out at former Miss Teen USA contestant Caite at the final mat, souring Dan and Jordan's victory. "I don't want to hear sorry from you. You purposely whacked us," she snaps. Uh yeah, it's part of the game. 9. Best Wink: On Cougar Town, Travis is depressed when he realizes that he's only in one picture in his high school yearbook, and it's cropped weird to make him look like he's grasping the breasts of one of his teachers. Jules tries to reassure him, but then he finds her yearbook, which includes tons of pics of his mega-popular mom. "Is that you with Bruce Springsteen?" Travis asks. Cut to a photo of Courteney Cox on stage with the Boss (taken from his "Dancing in the Dark" video, in which Cox actually appears). Hey, baby! To Read More Click Here .

'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Sawyer Feels Guilty

Here's the second preview clip from next week's Lost episode, "What They Died For." The unusual thing about this clip is that it is also set in the original timeline, unlike previous episodes where there is always a clip set in the alternate timeline. For an episode that promises to make sense of those sideways flashes this is a bit unusual. But at least it means we really are going to get some answers to those flashes. Anyway, this clip features Jack and Sawyer, who are still reeling from the attack at the sub and still looking for the well where Desmond is. And Sawyer's not feeling so good after that bomb explosion that killed Sun, Jin and Sayid (and maybe Lapidus too): To Read More Click Here .

Evangeline Lilly, From 'Lost' to 'Real Steel'

"Lost" star Evangeline Lilly's planned hiatus from acting will be short lived - she's signed on to co-star in Steven Spielberg's new film "Real Steel". Lilly recently stunned fans by revealing she may quit acting once the desert island drama ends this month because she's "not passionate" about her career. But the actress has backtracked on her plans to take a break, and signed on to star in the sci-fi drama, which features Spielberg as a co-executive producer. The TV star will play a friend of Aussie hunk Hugh Jackman's character, a former boxer who teams up with his long-lost son to train a robot for a championship fight. And she will have a familiar face on set - Lilly's "The Hurt Locker" co-star Anthony Mackie has also landed a role as a boxing promoter, reports Daily Variety. "Real Steel" is set for release in November 2011. Source Here

Lost Season 6 Episode 16 Sneak Peek Clips

Two extended clips from next weeks episode of Lost. Click me!