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Disappointed by Season 2 premiere?

Anyone else disappointed with this? I love the show. I'd actually put it on my favorites, but I was really disappointed with the first episode this season! I liked how some questions from last season are still left a mystery. That kind of intrigue is why I keep tuning in. I'm not certain I like the new Betty or the new Peggy to be honest. I used to really sympathize with both characters, but I did not in this first episode. Plus, I feel like nothing happened! Nothing tremendously exciting to me. If I was a new viewer, I probably would've been let down. Anyone else? Feel free to disagree!

Tonight's Premiere

Can I just say that I am SO psyched for tonight's Season Premiere? I used to watch Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Cambell) when he was a kid in the movie Masterminds, so I began watching purely for that reason. After Episode 1, my bf and I fell in love with the whole show. I cannot WAIT to see what has changed!! Please excuse my giddiness :)