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Great intro to papa Belov

LOVED papa Belov! What a great character to bring in. Let's hope he stays a while - he promises to be a real find.

Next Episode

When does the new season or next episode come out?

SideReel: This Week in TV - 3.7.2010 - Featured

Check out this week's all new episode of "This Week in TV" with Kendra and Rachel. We've made some changes to the format to hopefully spice things up. This week we have some new features, including a section with Reeler Responses (that's YOU) and a highlight of what we're most excited for on TV this week! Give it a watch (we've shortened it up a bit too) and tell us what you think! This Week in TV - 3.7.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab.

nicky russo & carter

did anyone else want nicky and kaylie to get together i think they make a better couple than payson and nicky and also i think that payson and carter make a better couple than kaylie and carter also ... emily should stop hogging 2 boys and give one to lauren!!!

Make it or Break it Discussion - Episode 1 till now...

I have been deciphering for a while whether or not I should add 'Make it or Break it' to my review list. I remember how I first found out about this series. A friend of mine raced over to the television screen the moment after discovering what time it was and became hooked to the screen. She barely answered me when I asked what show it was. I did my research and soon enough I became a fan, probably not as hooked as she was, but I became familiar with the characters on this series. I admired the tension created within this series from the pilot, and it became more interesting as the episode numbers increased. Now the reason I am a bit conflicted as to whether I should begin reviewing it, is that I'm not sure how much more of Lauren I can take or how long Payson and Emily's story lines could continue to hold my interest. Kaylie and Carter's storyline has somewhat annoyed me, Carter came off as an unlikeable character the moment he made having a fling with his girlfriend's friend (which I don't even believe is true on Lauren's part). Carter was bold to confront Kaylie in the dance, sure it might have broken his heart to see her dancing with another guy, but she earned the right to do that. Kaylie is not obligated to their relationship anymore, especially since Carter hasn't changed his true colors and continues to hang out by Lauren, knowing the crazy type she is. Lauren needs some serious help, she has completely spun out of control from the first time we met her. She is more possessive, jealous and conceited than she's ever been before and it has reached to the point where I can get really upset the moment she is in a scene. Every time she has a moment on screen, she is either talking someone down, trying to sneak something under their nose, or is trying to manipulate or blackmail someone. Half the time she pretends to be Kaylie's friend so she could somewhat fit in and continue her cycle all over again. I don't know whether to feel complete pity for the character Lauren portrays or to just despise her guts. Carter himself is another pathetic subject, but if I were to dig deeper into the plot, I would seriously be talking about a soap opera, other than a show about gymnasts achieving their dreams. Payson is the only one that has less drama around her, mostly because she is the most committed, generous and likable. Although I don't understand why the writers chose that high-school guy for her love interest. I don't truly believe he would change for the sake of it. To be continued... Lexa

Make it or Break it Finale Discussion

If you are a gymnast you would notice certain flaws, but to the eye of a non gymnast you would find yourself bedazzled by the level of gymnastics. Still ' Make It or Break It ' didn't portray that element of great difficulty that would cause even a non gymnast to 'wow'. Emily didn't even do as much compared to the pilot, just her practiced routine that placed her in the top twenty and I did believe that Kaylie had it in her to push for gold, but the gymnastics was drowned out by all the teenage drama which sort of made the finale water down. Still that kiss between Emily and Damon was enough to keep an appeal for season 2. Lauren still has to earn her stripes for next season, but I don't think there's any coming back from sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend or even a rekindling moment for Kaylie and Carter. Kaylie portrayed a degree of responsibility in the finale that was kind of unexpected when she called Carter to retrieve the necklace he gave her. I am really interested in Emily's character and Triangle with Damon, Razor and Leo. Did we see a hint of jealousy from Damon towards Leo. Anyway, this season needed to have more episodes, it felt too short, but I do look forward for the next season. Who 's on board? Just to see what the writers would come up with and where they would take the characters next. I don't know if anyone sensed this, but I did sense a connection between Emily and Sasha, maybe it's a coach-student thing, but they seemed awfully close.

Damon or Razor

What happened to Razor? He full out told Damon to stay away from Emily because he likes her and Emily knows Razor likes her and I though she liked him... But what do you guys think will happen next season between Razor and Damon and Emily... Or do you think Emily will choose a different guy...? Thoughts?! And what do you think will happen to Payson?!

Make It or Break It: Sympathy for Lauren? - Featured

Since Make It or Break It has turned out to be one of SideReel's favorite events of the summer , we decided it was high time we started discussing the series more. Spoilers included On last night's all new episode, "Where's Kaylie?" , various secrets - from Lauren's cheating with Carter to Kaylie's mothers' affair with Coach Marty - all came out into the open. I enjoyed how the show juxtaposed the scenes with the gym moms and the teens all spilling their guts to one another in an intimate setting. My question for you all is...after hearing Lauren's heartfelt confession, have you finally started to feel some sympathy for her character? While we initially thought that Lauren had slept with Carter solely out of malicious intent, it turns out she has always been in love with him...even before he and Kaylie started dating. That fact, coupled with Lauren's mother issues, made me view the character as something other than a villain for the very first time since the series has started. What do you think? Still hate Lauren, or like me, are you starting to feel some sympathy for the devil? The season finale of Make It or Break It airs next Monday on ABC Family at 9PM.


Hey guys, this isn't a discussion or a review or anything, I just want to put forth my character analysis: I HATE EMILY KIMENKO'S MOTHER! Her character is just scatter-brained and annoying and trashy, kind of in a ditzy and unaware way! Not to say that the actress who plays her has any role in this, nor the writers or anything, she's a character that I kind of like to hate but I hate but, I just wish she were toned down a little bit, just with an ounce more of sense, self-respect, consideration, maturity... something! She's just DITZY! Ok, ranting over. Really enjoying the show even though at first I didn't get into it... Oh and, P.S. Lauren's a bitch!

Episode three where is it?

i love the show but i live outside the us. could someone please provide some links for episode three. dieing to see it!