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Someone tell me what happened please?

Couldn't get any of the magavideo links to go past the middle where the beaver guy was explaining that the kid was bad. Never found out what the face guy was about (presumably he'd been killed at some point - why did it take Allison so long to figure it out? - and what was wrong with the kid?Can someone tell me please?

Dear Dad - Embarrassing mistake

What happened to their legal consultant? A first year law student would know that the attorney-client privilege does not apply when the defense attorney comes into possession of incriminating physical evidence against his client. He/she has a duty to turn it over to the authorities.

New Look

I didn't like the hair cahnge it looked better longer now it just looks choppycurses8400

loving it from the UK

One of the good things to come out of the credit crunch is that I have had plenty of quality time to catch up with friends. Four weeks ago and on one of these occasions I was perusing a friends DVD collection and noticed that they had the complete series of Medium sets one to four, so after doing my impersonation of Bruce (I see dead people) Willis I was told on how good the series was, and that it has been on television here in the UK for the past four years and that series five was now been shown. So I borrowed series one and started to watch each episode and now as you can appreciate since then I am downloading streams from the U.S of series six episode nine, as I have watched the entire series in one stretch, I have seen how the program has developed, with cast members taking on production and direction of the show but the greatness of this show is the actual bonding between the actors within their roles as family members friends and work associates and how comfortable they are with each other Admittedly if I was Joe Dubois or Lee Scanlon divorce or murder comes to mind if she woke or called me nearly every night to tell me her dreams, Great show I love it and yes bring back Ms Houston

music credits!

how do i find out the credits for the music used in this show? I have been searching forever and can't find it anywhere! Help!

Bring Back Cynthia Keener!!!

Anjelica Houston infused this show with the badassness that it needed. Only Lee comes close to her as a testosterone authority figure. Anjelica Houston is the white Pam Grier and by golly if this show was missing something this season, it was Caucasian Jackie Brown! Who's with me!?

Music on 'Mediium' Ep 11

Does anyone know what the music is that they played in the very beginning of this episode? Thanks!

Does She Think She Is God??

I think Allison is a judgemental,self righteous bitch. For some reason she think she has the right to destroy people. The more I watch this show the less I like her. She is not a person I would want in my life. If the police went in and arrested the first person she pointed her finger at there would be a lot of innocent people in jail. I think she should be put away!!!

Episode4--Ariel's Permit

I am a bit confused. In this episode Ariel is asking for a signature to get her permit, but wasn't she driving with her dad in the care a couple of episodes ago? Is it an oversight, or was she driving illegally? they all act as if she has never driven before when talking at the table.

Medium will be BACK for Season 5 in Winter 2008 !!

Hopefully, sooner though. See here: