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Any news about a new season?

I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find any news about a new season. Anyone heard anything??


Why can't i watch this eposide???????

US Series?

Is it any diffrent? Like diffrent plot, script e.t.c

Series length..

dont cha think its stupid for a series like this is only last 13 eps each.. CRANK IT UP TO 20 !!

I love Merlin but...

Alright I love the show as much as the next person but yeah gotta admit its got some problems. First Arthur is blind as a freaking bat, Merlin has used magic around him so many times you would think he would hear him muttering magic words or wonder why a tree branch suddenly falls, the ceiling collapses, a chandelier falls and this only happens when Merlin is around... but Arthur doesn’t ever stop to think you know I wonder why Merlin just shouted at that guy and now the roof has fallen in, Or how come Merlin never get hurt in battle but is sure a cluze when he's not? How many knights dose Camelot have?? It’s like star trek and the guys in red shirts; one of them always has die. Dragon lord episode: Merlin could always talk to the dragon, so when he was a dragon lord he could order the dragon around... well couldn't he have just talked to the dragon without being a dragon lord?? Also wouldn't Uther want the dragons body to make sure he's dead? If I hated magic that much I would do everything I could to make sure everything magical was destroyed Merlin only knew his father for 20 minutes and you would think Merlin would bother to learn some healing spells but no. Merlin tried to kill Morgana and while he was holding her he didn't even say something like I'm sorry?? Way to make magical enemy there Merlin. In season 3 there going to have some trouble, Merlin can't go to the dragon for advice! Also if I had to work for an a$$ like Arthur, I would say screw destiny, I'm outta here!!

Why is this good ???

OK I'll admit it i have only just discovered this series, and i find myself enjoying it with some glaring exceptions. I am a bit of a accuracy or at the very least a consistency freak and this series is riddled with the lack there of and yet i am enchanted by the series to the point am 1/2 way through the first season in a matter of a few days . I guess ill just point out a few of the more obvious problems and let those who have watched it all either reassure me or chime in . First and foremost why on earth did they call it Merlin other than the names of the characters it has little is any resemblance to the Arthurian legend so why not make it anyone else Bob the wizard would be as good. Secondly why do they keep saving that vile SOB King he the all powerful wizard just has to not save the jerk and he can become who he is.Yet the free thinker struggles to maintain the status quo allowing from what I have seen dozens of innocents to be murdered in the kings name and he continues to prop up the aristocracy .That seems terribly inconstant with someone who try's to simply do whats right.Seems to me the conflicts could easily be with enemy's rather than propping up an evil King,,, for that matter any king although i guess kings belong in the setting. One more thing, the repeated story line is already wearing thin. With all that said it is a fun show but those things do bother me and subtract from the show

OMFG OMFG OMF! The best one yet, even better than last one!

Spoiler First of all i loved the Nazgul thing with the Knights. Lol Ive noticed that merling is really racking up the enemies, isnt he? Im not sure about the Dragon. I wonder was he lying about Arthur? Maybe he wants to take his anger and destroy every human. The legends about dragons do make them vengeful and a bit overboard whit their vengance. I digress, back to enemies. Morgause. Morgana(Maybe) Dragon(Doubtful since he could've just killed him there) Creepy druid boy And the sorcerer bandit. I love the feeling ive been getting from a few of the important episodes. Have you ever read a book where theres alot of stuff happeneing, all plots meet, trouble piles on and then it explodes. Well anyway who else agrees? And who else is really looing forward to Camelot under attack by dragon? They supposedly have gigantic armie but where is it? Thats why im looking forward to attack:P

Best merlin yet?

Finally a consistent good storyline. Dont get me wrong i like the merlin storylines but im so sick of the whole go to dragon for help, save the day and another sorcerer pops out of woodwork. We have a consistent villian...well actually several consistent villians which is nice. The creepy druid boy(He is very creepy) The dragon(Maybe) The fanatic(If you watched last episode you'll know who im on about) Morgana(Defineltly) what i like the best about this episode was what merlin saw when he saw a possible future and of course the dragons impatience is waning faster than a snowman in summer. I also liked all scenes with Uthur and Gauis(Please dont stone me to death for spelling). The young actors are okay but those two really steal the show. So who agrees? Disagrees?

Other shows like Merlin ou there, old or new??

Are there other shows like Merlin out there? There are too few Merlin eps a year!! I am left starving. Any other shows with majick or knights, or just happy feel good type stuff? I'm tired of teen drama shows where all the teens sleep with each other twice over, and then some. How long can you watch that??! I tried seeker ep 1, but it put me too sleep almost. Any reccomendations?

Arthurs attitude towards Merlin.

Seriously, Arthus treats Merlin like a bag of crap, like he is worth nothing, have anyone else noticed that, through-out the whole series? I'm starting to hate Arthurs character more and more. ._. He seriously has no right to treat Merlin like that. >;l