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Misfits Mysteries... The Kid On The Bicycle

I've just finished re-watching the series 1 finale and I realised something I had totally forgotten about. As you've probably guessed by the title of this 'discussion' that the thing I am referring to is the guy on the bicycle. For all those who've forgotten; when Simon (Barry) leaves Nathan surrounded by Virtue groupies and we think that Nathan is thoroughly screwed the masked bicycle kid appears and helps Nathan escape before tossing him off of his bicycle and fleeing without saying a word. So my question is... who is our masked cycling savior? And how did he know that Nathan was there and in trouble? Anyone have any theories/ideas they wish to share?

Hypotheses about Nates situation.

Ok, so how will he get outr of it? My main ideas are, either the mysterious bike guy is going to dig him out. Or Kelly is going to come for a visit, hear his thought and they will dig him out then. What do you people think?

Nathan's Power

Does he have one? (Probably) will we learn about it in the last episode of the series? What IS IT?!?