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Mistresses Season 4 Finale Recap: No Beddings and a Funeral

Like a mid-80s Sade jam, Mistresses has reliably given us the sweetest taboo for four straight* consecutive seasons. (*Come now, lets not use adjectives that suggest ragingheterosexuality, givenJoss sexy, sapphic affair with Japanese bondage-rope afficionado Alex, or that time Karen and Vivian smoked a doobie and binge-watchedExtreme Makeover: Sexual Orientation Edition, mmmkay?) Still, despite a [] //

Mistresses Recap: A Trip Before Dying?

To paraphrase the immortal words of South Park, Oh my God, Mistresses killed Lydia? Karen? OK, maybe no one dies. But then again,its the penultimate episode of the season. Weve got a mentally unstable ex-nanny whos just taken a bottle full of pills and is teetering on the edge of a balcony. And weve got [] //

Mistresses Recap: Nanny McFlee

Wilson in a Wig and Caftan (TM pending) returned to Mistresses this week (via flashback, thank Wilson in a Wig and Caftan (TM pending) returned to Mistresses this week (via flashback, thank goodness), reminding us theres sometimes a thin line between summer soap and full-fledged horror show. I mean, remember when Elizabeth Grey brought a []

Mistresses Recap: Pill Street Blues

There are things to celebrate about this weeks Mistresses:the absence of bratty teenLucy and awful Aussie Kate, the jaw-dropping beauty of Karens blue lace dress, and especially the insanity of Lydia dropping in during her boss appetizer course. But like Elizabeth Grey sans martini or Josslyn Carver without a zippy punchline, theres a certain spice [] //

Mistresses Recap: The Liar, the Witch and the Poor One

Somebody in Mistresses land needs to replace the Folgers crystals with some Fireball whiskey immdiatement! Aprils so tired from juggling her ailing mother, her manchild lover and her ingrate daughter that shes not even stopping to smell the Diptyques at Maison Sur Mer.Joss engagement, meanwhile, is looking less stable than Sean Young in a [] //

Mistresses Recap: Dangerous Women

You know things are getting dire on Mistresses when Im referencing an Ariana Grande song title in my headline. I mean, give me Jody Watley or Haley Reinhart or Beyonc all day, every day. But the High Priestess of the High Pony? Eh. You can leave her discs in the 99 cent bin next to [] //

Mistresses Recap: Not Without Her Daughter!

When one custody battle closes, another door (to an ill-advised but salaciously entertaining thruple) opens. Throw a side-eye in my direction for kicking off this weeks Mistresses recap with a wishthat ignores the obvious followup question (But what about Baby Vivian?!), but you know the thought crossed your mind, too, afterAlecs dropped his brief but [] //

Mistresses Recap: Man Down!

Let us not speak of the church bake sale on this weeks Mistresses. Its not that we dont care about snotty teenager Lucy and her immortal soul Hey, now! I can hear you hissing speak for yourself from the comfort of your laptop but Aprils parenting struggles and the strain theyre putting on her relationship [] //

'Mistresses' recap: 'What Happens in Vegas'

Several Ghosts of Boyfriends Past come a-haunting...   Read More... //

'Mistresses' recap: 'Lean In'

Welcome to a Very Special Episode!   Read More... //