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Season 16


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  • 36 episodes
    36 episodes
    • s16e36Farewell Special
    • s16e35Doppler Effect and the Big Bang Cosmology
    • s16e34Human Eye and Telescopes: Gratings, Resolving Power, Single-Slit Di...
    • s16e33Double Slit Interference and Interferometers
    • s16e32Review Exam 3
    • s16e31Rainbows
    • s16e30Polarizers, Malus
    • s16e29Refraction and Dispersion
    • s16e28Index of Refraction, Poynting Vector, Oscillating Charges, and Pola...
    • s16e27Elecromagnetic Waves (Radio), the Speed of Light, Resonance, and Di...
    • s16e26Traveling Waves and Standing Waves (Musical Instruments)
    • s16e25Driven LRC Circuits and Metal Detectors
    • s16e24Transformers and RC Circuits
    • s16e23Review Exam 2
    • s16e22Hysteresis, Electromagnets, and Maxwell
    • s16e21Magnetic Materials, Dia-, Para-, and Ferromagnetism
    • s16e20RL Cirucits, Inductance, and Magnetic Field Energy
    • s16e19Electric Shock Treatment, Pacemakers, Electroardiograms, and Superc...
    • s16e18Diplacement Current, Synchronous Motors, and Induction Motors
    • s16e17Motional EMF, Eddy Currents, and Magnetic Braking
    • s16e16Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday
    • s16e15Ampere
    • s16e14Biot-Savart Law, Gauss
    • s16e13Moving Charges in B-fields, Cyclotron, Synchrotron, and Mass Spectr...
    • s16e12Review Exam 1
    • s16e11Magnetic Fields, Lorentz Force, Torques, Electric Motors (DC), and ...
    • s16e10Batteries, EMF, Energy Conservation, Kirchoff
    • s16e9Currents, Resisitivity, and Ohm
    • s16e8Polarization, Dielectrics, and Capacitors
    • s16e7Capacitance and Field Energy
    • s16e6High-Voltage Breakdown, Lightning, and Sparks
    • s16e5Equipotential Surfaces, Conductors, and Electrostatic Shielding
    • s16e4Electrostatic Potential, Electrical Energy, and Equipotential Surfaces
    • s16e3Electric Flux and Gauss
    • s16e2Electric Fields, Field Lines, Superposition, Inductive Charges, and...
    • s16e1Electric Charges, Polarization, and Electric Force