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Moonlight is it over ...again...

Hey all moonlight fans Alex say our beloved Mick is done.Sad again ...I must say: I am one of this people who believed deep down inside that we can have moonlight back. With this huge success. of twilight ,true blood ,vampire diaries ...I was thinking is it the right time?CBS made huge mistake which cost them so much (money,rating...) but as far they will have Alex ,fans will follow him and that's my dears friend is the reason..Alex said this thinks ,well he have to he can't hold back to the project which he laid to rest I think long time ago.and CBS as long they can have him (we all know he have contract for 7 years?)they will don't bring MOONLIGHT back and my second guess if Three Rivers made bad at ratings ,will they make the same?? well I really know what you think guys and btw I have here 2 sites which I want to share all about Alex O'Loughlin

moonlight should come back!

A show called moonlight just captured me it s on frieday nights at 9 on the sci fi channel and there is only 1 season i think it should have another season what do you think?

26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook - Featured

Entertaiment Weekly has constructed one of their giant lists - this one of canceled-too-soon TV shows, in honor of the DVD release of one such show, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Popular favorites on the list include Moonlight , Journeyman , Firefly , Swingtown and this season's Life on Mars (but no Eli Stone ?!). Check out the full list: 26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook And share which canceled show you are most distraught over...or which show is missing from this list.

Plzzz Make A Season 2 Of Moonlight :)

will they be making a season 2 of Moonlight ???

Bring moonlight back

Do you also want moonlight back !?! On this page you can vote Please help use to bring moonlight back.

Any other vampy shows?

So I really love Angel, TrueBlood, and now Moonlight, but was wondering if anyone knows any other good vamp based shows and/or movies. I've seen Dracula 2000, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, and a few others, and I am waiting for Twilight, but still I find my thirst unquenchable. I am not squeamish about more sexual undertone in the shows or movies. Because what's more sexy the a pale, white, sexy guy that wants nibble on your neck?


Hey, all you Moonlight fans. What happened to Moonligt? Are we gonna let the TV people kick it off? I don't think so. Let me know any news about Moonlight.

Wrong Cancellations; Which Shows should have gone

After the writers strike not only were we left with too many questions to our favorite shows, we were left with empty slots that used to be filled with good shows that were either new or were on the brink of ending. Lost I know could have answered more questions then they did. Shows such as Jericho who was fought for by the fans and almost became a hit show was cancelled anyways this time no matter what we had to say. Moonlight, which i have only seen the first couple of episodes and Im already intrigued, was well written and deserves to be fought over by the networks. But there are shows that have run out of time and are still ticking. Examples like Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt, to me is not a show that can match shows like Moonlight who had a good fan bases even though it only ran for 16 episodes. Im sorry to the fans that watch Ghost Whisperer, but it needs to go so that shows like the ones I've listed can go on. So I ask you one question... What shows should have been cancelled?


Does anyone know why the canceled moonlight? It was such a good show and im so disappointed that they canceled it. I hope a different network picks it up because they left it with such a cliffhanger but it was a good ending.

Alex Under Contract with CBS

Has any one else heard that Alex is under contract with CBS so even if CW pics up Moonlight, Alex can't reprise his role as Mick St. John because he is under contract with CBS? This is such crap!