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Moonlight Fans vote for Moonlight

Moonlight fans go and vote on Hey Nelison because Moonlight is loosing its place on this website! The show Men in the trees is almost taking Moonlights spot! Pass this along!!!!!!!

Other fans asked me to pass this along!

Yes, this is another petition thread, but stay with me on this; Joel, Alex, Sophia, Gabrielle Stanton, and a few network people know of this petition and actually do check it. So SIGN IT!!!! And get at least 10 of your friends to. Let's get 20,000 by May 26th. Can't be too hard - let's do it!!!!!! To check the signature's progress go to WE WILL GET THIS SHOW BACK!!!!

Call Cbs For Moonlight...

URGENT: Call CBS Before 6PM Friday CBS is polling Moonlight fans for demographic information. We don't know their ultimate goal here, but we are cautiously optimistic. All you need to do is call 818-655-1779 and leave your age, city & state on voice mail. They will stop taking calls at 6PM EASTERN today (Friday, May 16), so make sure you call in ASAP! AS it seems that CW will NOT pick it up because tis Sundays are already filled, this may be the last shot..


CBS cancelled Moonlight. They're crazy, yes. Moonlight consistently does well in it's Friday timeslot-- not a very competitive day, but still. It's a great show that has a LOT of devoted fans. Devoted fans are devoted fans, period. Now, Warner Bros. is shopping the show around to other outlets, one of which is the CW. (DeadlineHollywoodDaily says that Media Rights Capital, the firm contracted by the CW to program its Sunday-night block, is among those being wooed.) The rumored possibility of salvation came just as Warner Bros. was poised to start striking down the vampire drama's sets. Instead, they will hold off on the razing until Friday. CW NEEDS the final results of this poll to decide whether or not they'll take on Moonlight. There's only about 440+ people who've voted to get Moonlight on the CW since they haven't really publicized this move much yet. So if you love MOONLIGHT and want a second season for it, GO AND VOTE YES and SPREAD THE WORD. They still need thousands of signatures. *REMINDER: YOU'LL NEED TO REGISTER WITH CW TO VOTE THE POLL CLOSES 5-22-08 AT EXACTLY 2:31AM

Moonlight Moving to CW? Nevermind.

CBS announced yesterday that they were canceling Moonlight , much to the horror of the show's modest but devoted fanbase. I don't want to give you false hope, but it seems as though there is now a possibility that the show might end up on the CW. If you read my post about the CW upfront presentation today, you learned then that the CW is outsourcing - basically selling out - their Sunday evening block of programming to Media Rights Capital. There is now word on the street that MRC might be interested in picking up Moonlight to air during this Sunday night block. Stay tuned for more information! Update: MRC has set their Sunday night line up for the CW and Moonlight is sadly not on it. Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

Moonlight Canceled

CBS announced today that Moonlight has been canceled. They have opted not to renew the program for a 13 episode midseason order, as there was still some hope for yesterday. The show's executive producers have confirmed this upsetting news. Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

Season 2: Not Looking Good

Bad news. While nothing is still official, the current word is that a Season 2 is not looking good for Moonlight . This is coming from E!Online . Furthermore, Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that the show is not on the Fall lineup for CBS. That being said, it is still not canceled (not yet), so the people behind the show are doing everything they can to convince CBS to bring it back for midseason next year. Stay tuned for more information!

Alex O'Loughlin Teases Moonlight Finale

Moonlight star Alex O'Loughlin (Mick St. John), talks about the rest of the season and gives some teasers for what fans can expect for the upcoming finale! Beware, "moderate spoilers" included. O'Loughlin Foreshadows 'Moonlight' Finale Photo courtesy of

Moonlight - Fated to Pretend review and recap

It's no secret that the lifeblood (yeah, I used "lifeblood") of this series comes from Mick and Beth's relationship -- not the CSI-light cases they usually get mixed up in. Still, it's actually kind of fun to follow all the ridiculous crime procedural twists and turns the writers dream up for this series. Take last Friday's ep, "Fated to Pretend," for instance. (Don't worry, we'll get to the Mick-Beth-Donut love triangle in a sec.) Read more at SciFi Observer

View large pics from Moonlight - Click, plus news, video from NY Comic-Con

Finally, some good news about CBS' Moonlight. The series returns this Friday with "Fated to Pretend," and exec producer Joel Silver says writers are already working on stories for a second season, even if CBS hasn't announced a pick-up yet. Silver sounds confident, and most reports are concluding that Mick and Beth will be back for more guilty-pleasure vampire fun come fall. Click through for some pics from the May 2 ep "Click," and some video from the Moonlight panel at the New York Comic-Con. See the pics, video and read more