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My 600-Lb Life Star Robert Buchel Dies During Filming Despite Losing 200 Pounds

Robert Buchel, a subject on TLCs My 600-Lb Life, died after suffering a heart attack while filming. He was 41. TLC was deeply saddened by the loss of Robert, a spokesperson for the Discovery-owned cable channel told TheWrap via a statement. We are grateful to his family who were gracious enough to let us continue to share his brave story with our viewers. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time. Buchel, who weighed as much as 842 pounds, had lost 217 pounds at a Houston hospital in preparation for lymphedema removal surgery.After the surgery, a previously unacknowledged addiction to pain killers led to depression. Buchel stopped exercising and went into cardiac arrest.  ...Read More...

Shedding Their Skin on a New Season of TLC's "My 600-lb Life: Skin Tight"

Season three bows Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00/9:00c on the cable channel.   ...Read More...

Catch the Premiere of "Big & Little," Tomorrow Night on TLC After "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now"

The two-part special follows two morbidly obese little people as they embark on a weight loss journey led by fitness guru and fellow little person, Allison Warrell. ...Read More... //

My 600 lb Life: I Wish The Show Didnt Exist

Were in season 5 of My 600 lb life and tonight there will be a new episode featuring a Kentucky man by the name of James who weighs 800 lbs. Because of his weight James is unable to walk, stand, and is confined to a double-wide trailer. He has also developed a case of cellulitis. P.S. the photo above is not James. This article wasnt meant to be a preview of tonights episode which Im sure is going to be depressing but rather a quick message that I truly wish shows like My 600 lb life and now Skin Tight   ...Read More.. . //

My 600-lb Life': Molestation Survivor Is Eating Herself to Death (Exclusive Video)

Diana Bunch was molested by two older boys at age 11. Since then, a perpetual out-of-control feeling has carried over to her calorie consumption. Though thin through high school, Diana felt heavy and was pressured by her own mother to diet. Now 55, the Seattle resident weighs 620 pounds. As a result of her obesity, Dianasuffers from extreme lymphedema, which has left her legs covered in blisters, rashes and open sores, according to TLCs episode description. Watch a clip from this tonights My 600-lb Life above. ...Read More... //

My 600-lb Life Star Suffers Serious Complications After 225-lb Weight Loss

When Ashley Reyes signed up to appear on  My 600-lb Life , doctors had told her she likely didn’t have more than a few years to live. Weighing in at 668 pounds, the 30-year-old was at her heaviest ever. Luckily she was able to eventually drop more than 30 percent of her body weight — but at a price. ...Read More... //

My 600-lb Life: Ashley Cant Escape Past Sexual Assault (Exclusive Video)

Ashley has journeyed from a happy toddler, per her own recollection, to a 670-pound adult in danger of dying. Like many who have experienced such a drastic external transformation, Ashleys story centers around a trauma. Tonights TLC docuseries subject wassexually assaulted by her uncle at 12 years old. I didnt know what to do, she explains in a clip provided exclusively to TheWrap , I didnt know how to feel safe. So I would eat to gain back whatever little happiness I could. ...Read More... //

My 600-lb Life Star Enters Coma After Gastric Bypass Surgery (VIDEO)

Often, the reason people undergo a gastric bypass is to save their lives — not almost lose them! Unfortunately, that’s what one of the stars of TLC’s  My 600-lb Life  experienced on Wednesday night’s Season 4 premiere, when she entered a coma following the weight-loss surgery. ...Read More... //

My 600-lb Life: Seans Mother Helps Alter Their Eating Habits

A 26-year-old man named Sean who weighs more than 700 pounds has a large growth on one side and skin that is practically splitting apart, but his mother must alter both of their eating habits before he can be recommended for gastric bypass surgery. How did Sean get this way? According to TLC, Sean was traumatized by his parents divorce leading him to turn to food for comfort. Seans weight reached a dangerous level: 900-lbs, barely being able to stand for 30 seconds. Can his mother come in and help? Seans mother, too, is obese and realizes that for the....   Read More.... //

My 600 Lb Life: Milla Needs Her Kids to Deny Her Junk Food

Milla Clark is a woman in her late 40s and she weighs over 700 lbs. She is bedridden due to her inability to walk, and she has five children to go along with that. In fact, its her children she uses to maintain her size. She tells them what to buy and how to feed her. However, thats all about to change. Milla decides to take action and change her behavior. In fact, Milla winds up going to a completely new environment void of temptation and she manages to drop 50 lbs. Shell be told to go home and show   Read More... //