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'My Strange Addiction': Meet Michelle, the human blood drinker

TLC puts quite a variety of reality TV shows on the air. One of the weirdest is definitely "My Strange Addiction," which, by definition, features some rather unusual habits. On Wednesday's episode (March 20), we meet Michelle, 29, who is a connoisseur of human blood. "I drink human blood as much as I can. Everybody has their own flavor, their own taste," says Michelle. "There is definitely a difference between drinking a man's blood and a female's blood. A man's blood, to me, has always been thicker in some way."Michelle also says that she doesn't drink blood from just anybody."I always make sure it's from somebody that I'm close to, somebody that I would consider a best friend, a partner, a lover. Somebody that I know inside and out," says Michelle.The partner in question in this episode is Johnny, a friend of Michelle's for a couple of years. Johnny says the pain doesn't really bother... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/my-strange-addiction-meet-michelle-the-human-blood-drinker.html