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Chakra and Riatsu: What the heck is it and what does it represent?

I have been a fan of a few Anime shows for a while, two of which are Bleach and Naruto. I am also working towards a masters degree in communications and have a class on the topic of media and society. Through this class I have learned about decoding messages and meaning from media content. Riatsu and chakra, in Bleach and Naruto, are interesting aspects of the show; a primary detail separating these Anime worlds from the societies out of which they emerge. These details can be seen as a commentary on the society, or can reinforce the norms and ideals that make up commonsensical beliefs about the way things are. Without much, or any, background knowledge on asian cultures, it is difficult for me to pick up on the intricate depictions, however here are some things that are easier to notice: - The importance of rank and responsibility reinforces hierarchical norms. - The strongest characters usually fight one on one, representing ideals of individualism - The characters who are captains, or Hokage (or Ju-nin), reach that level through discipline, hard work and utilizing their individual talents - Inequality - not all talents are equal. What do you think about Riatsu and chakra? Do these elements of the shows embody characteristics like willpower, compassion, concealed strength? I may try to publish a paper on this topic, so these responses would be very helpful.

whats with sakura.

is sakura from any special family clan. all the other ninjas are from a special clan. ino-her family uses mind techniques. shino-family use bugs choji-his family enlarges body parts kiba-his family uses dogs hinat and neji- their familys use the byakugan sasuke- has the sharingan Shikamaru- his family uses shadow possession. not all of them are from a special can but they got mad skill. lee-super strong and fast tenten- shes a weapon expert naruto- he has the nine tails sakura has super strength and she is a medical ninja but come on the show makes her pathetic. is embarrasing how someone like sakura can seem so pathetic.

Naruto (US)

Naruto (US), Season 11 Episode 1


i know this is a small part for the anime, but without the sounds (beside voices), naruto wouldn't have those sad, happy, feelings. if everyone remembers the hokage's funeral, that song called "sadness and sorrow" lol that was the only time i cried. now when i hear that song, it crushes my inside feelings and just places in the tears.... and the other songs are just iceing on the naruto cake too!

Who do you think will become Naruto wife?

Who do you think will become Naruto wife? I guess many people will make a good guess. So? Which one you think fit will be with naruto? Hehe..

NAruto dudes and dudettes..!!

Naruto addicts..!! help me promote our good comrade naruto.. know u like him too.. please support him and vote for this..!! thanks. =)


guys.. this is a great site to watch ALL naruto episodes and even movies.!! dang.. it's good!! enjoy ya'll..!!


i love naruto im confused tho......... whos tenten and whos rock lee??????????????