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Has Itachi vs. Sasuke been worth the wait?

Itachi and Sasuke have been duking it out for 3 whole episodes now, but the buildup for this one fight has taken years. Does it meet your expectations on how it would play out, or are you disappointed that it seems like Itachi's going down too easily? I've really enjoyed these last few action-packed episodes, with plenty of back story and character development of Itachi spread out in the intense ninja battles between the Uchiha brothers, but I didn't start watching Naruto until recently. For those of you who have been itching to see this climactic battle for years, how is it going?


hey where r the other episodes.


is it me or is episodes 216 of season 4 and up the wrong ones?

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Does anybody know of a very good sub fan service that does Naruto Shippuden?? I ask this because I just found out that Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC will no longer be doing fansubs for the anime. So I was wondering if anybody knew of another good fansub service that does english subs for Naruto Shippuden?

it ok...

i never really got into shippuuden i always like naruto better and ppl who liked this or naruto will probably like chobits the first ep is a little...yea.... , ahmy goddess or rosario + vampire the only anime i didnt like was elfen lied it had a really bad story and it was just nudity and violence....so some peaople might like it again shippuden is ok but naruto the original was better