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LL Cool J's Bizarre New Special Pits NFL Stars Against Each Other in a Talent Show

  Have you ever wondered if Tom Brady has moves likes Jagger? Or if Le'Veon Bell can carry a note like Christina? Brace yourselves then, because LL Cool J 's bizarre new reality special will have some of your favorite NFL players getting in touch with their other talents. MVP: Most Valuable Performer   ...Read More... http://www.tvguide.com/news/ll-cool-j-most-valuable-performer/?rss=breakingnews

Is the NCIS: Los Angeles Team Ready to Rescue Hetty? 2018 FIRST LOOK

NCIS: Los Angeles Hetty Lange can get as good as she gives but the badass looks to be about d-o-n-e with her involuntarily extended Vietnam visit, as seen in these exclusive photos from an early 2018 episode of the CBS drama. PHOTOS Get 2018 First Looks From Scorpion, MacGyver, Homeland, iZombie and Others In [] http://tvline.com/2017/12/17/ncis-los-angeles-season-9-episode-13-photo-hetty-rescue/

NCIS: LA's Rene Felice Smith Teases Episode 200's Nell Reveal, Hetty vs. Tiger (!) Plus: Secrets From the Set

When CBS NCIS: Los Angeles first came calling, New York-bred Rene Felice Smith had just graduated from NYUs Tisch School of the Arts with little more on her resume than an Off-Broadway show and a passed-over CW pilot Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladinos The Wyoming Project, which she likens to Little House on the [] http://tvline.com/2017/11/18/ncis-los-angeles-episode-200-preview-renee-felice-smith/

NCIS: Los Angeles Sneak Peek: Hetty Is Her Most Badass Self in 200th Episode

Henrietta Lange is a literal barrel of laughs in this otherwise oh-so-serious sneak peek from the 200th episode of CBS NCIS: Los Angeles. When last we saw Hetty (played by two-time Teen Choice Action Actress winner Linda Hunt), her Vietnamese captor Dang (Long Nguyen) had decided that she was a far more valuable, intel-rich commodity [] http://tvline.com/2017/11/16/ncis-los-angeles-hetty-prisoner-200th-episode-video/

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9: There's Trouble Ahead For Densi

  Kensi ( Daniela Ruah ) and Deeks ( Eric Christian Olsen ) might be happily engaged but when NCIS: Los Angeles returns for Season 9, they're going to face a slew of problems thanks to their new boss, Shay Mosely ( Nia Long ). The former Secret Service agent -- who is stepping in as Assistant Director for   ...Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/ncis-los-angeles-season-9-densi/?rss=breakingnews

NCIS: Los Angeles Photos: A Time of Change!

The deck is being shuffled on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 1 . Nia Long's Shay Mosley gets brought in to replace the missing Granger (the late Miguel Ferrer). Then Hetty resigns and disappears, and Shay finds herself in charge. She's without the team's field leader, Sam, who is still grieving the loss of his wife Michelle. He even tells Callen to find a new partner.   ...Read More...   https://www.tvfanatic.com/slideshows/ncis-los-angeles-photos-from-party-crashers/

Nia Long Joins NCIS: Los Angeles for Season 9

Nia Long is joining NCIS: Los Angeles as a series regular ahead of the CBS procedurals ninth season. The actress will portray Shay Mosely, the teams new executive assistant director. The character is aformer Secret Service agent and an experienced Washington insider. The character was created specifically for Nia to capitalize on her strengths and personality, and we are excited about the new opportunities and dynamics she brings to the show,said executive producer R. Scott Gemmill in a statement. We couldnt be happier to have her join our family.  ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/nia-long-ncis-los-angeles-season-9/

'NCIS: Los Angeles': 12 Sweet and Supportive Kensi and Deeks Moments from Season 8

It took all year, but by the NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 finale, Kensi and Deeks were officially engaged. And it wasn't the easiest of years either. It started off with Kensi pinned under a helicopter and then in a coma, saw Kensi get kidnapped during the mole hunt because of something that happened in Afghanistan a couple years ago and the return of Whiting's investigation into Deeks, and ended with them facing how short life can be after Michelle Hanna's death. Here are the times season 8 showed us why Kensi and Deeks are so great together. ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/ncis-los-angeles/ncis-los-angeles-12-sweet-and-64764.aspx

'NCIS: Los Angeles': The Best of Sam and Callen's Banter in Season 8

It might have been a tough season for the team -- and an especially tough end to the season for Sam in particular, with the loss of his wife -- on NCIS: Los Angeles , but it still had its fun moments. Here's the best banter from Sam and Callen in season 8. ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/ncis-los-angeles/ncis-los-angeles-the-best-of-s-64744.aspx

13 Moments That Made Us Fall in Love with Kensi and Deeks' Relationship on 'NCIS: Los Angeles'

It took a while, but Kensi and Deeks finally went from only semi-acknowledging their "thing" and using too many metaphors to going "all in" in season 6 to being engaged (officially) by the end of season 8 of NCIS: Los Angeles . And by the time that happened, they had already easily become one of the best and most stable couples on TV. Here are 13 moments that made us fall in love with Kensi and Deeks' relationship. ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/ncis-los-angeles/13-moments-that-made-us-fall-i-64711.aspx