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A Burning Question About Nikita

All series have a shelf life. So do their characters and plotlines. While they may start hot, storylines can just as quickly paint a good show into a bad corner, or completely change it around. (And I don’t just mean "When will Character A and Character B get together?" That’s the least of my worries.) Here an elements from Nikita that is just aching for resolution.  How much time does  Nikita ‘s Michael (Shane West) have to pick a side? What do you think, fans? How would you like to see this question answered? Are there any other serial elements that have you waiting on pins and needles for their conclusions? Chat about it below. To Read More Click Here.

CW This Fall: Nouvelle La Femme... MEET NIKITA

The CW gathered a few hundred of it's closest media affiliates in a dark Hollywood nightclub to announce their Fall 2010 line-up. One of the most exciting new kids on the block is NIKITA. Maggie Q is nothing short of extra extra tough Jason Bourne type of hottie. When you've stared down death and lived to keep the secret you life becomes the live action hunt of hiding in plain site- a bad ass babe banging down doors and dodging bullets wearing boots or bikinis being bombed. Every week of promises an action packed hour of determining top secret assignments and forging alliances putting the best weapons to the test one step ahead of whoever is trying to bring her down. From the looks of it Maggie Q is just as bad ass and beautiful as the Nikita we have all loved before. This show is guaranteed to be the eye popper of the week as the girls finally have a chick kicking ass and the guys- well they finally have a chick kicking ass too! It's the action movie on the biggest screen available- sure to have plenty of BAM! DAMN! and WTF!? texting throughout every smash cut swish pan high octane episode. BRING IT!