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It's sad that a show like Numb3rs could be canceled.

It's very sad that it looks like a show that survived the Friday night Graveyard placement for 6 seasons my end when it is just becoming a mature show. It has at lest 2 or 3 more good seasons left. I would hope that CBS would at lest give it another season to bring everything to a close and to resolve the remaining questions for us the fans. We have stuck with the show for 6 seasons in one of the worst time slots there is, we should get closure at lest.

The new annoying guy

He is meant to be that annoying right? I don't even know his name, the one who's always around.

The guy in the end of the episode

At the end of the episode there was this guy walking when Don passed by with his bike. Who is he? Do you think he'll be coming back in the next eps?

What in your opinion are the 5 shows that get better each week?

OK I was watching The Mentalist this week and got to thinking there are several shows that I think get better every week, and I was wondering if I was the only one? So here is my top 5 shows: 1. Castle 2. N.C.I.S. 3. Numbers 4. The Mentalist 5. Bones I had several runners up, like (The Forgotten, N.C.I.S: Los Angeles, Mercy, C.S.I.:NY, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, and others) but the 5 I listed are the top 5. So what are yours?

What happend to Numb3rs friday vight???

Was there a new episode of numb3rs Friday night or not?


What is the name of the song at the end? It's hard to understand the lyrics but it's a really pretty song... any help?

Numb3rs , lets now count till this show ends..

Guys am really getting sick of this show nowadays I really liked the first three seasons , but later it seems to be repeating the same pattern and some of the math is totally unbelievable . How long do you think that this show can withstand ?

numb3rs ep?

cant wait for season 5! i was just watching a vid on youtube and was wondering of anyone could help me find the ep where one scene is from, the link to the youtube vid is its about 1.15 in, its colby and david sitting on the bonnet of the car in i think a parking lot and colbys talking mainly, its night time and theyr drinking...any ideas???