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nurse jackie

ok whats going on last weeks nurse Jackie is on my playlist now when i have already seen it which means i have only one show to watch and thats raising the bar iam not a happy bunny if its because its shown in Canada first then please put that then i know not to watch it till it says as shown in the states other wise it messes up my tv scheduel

episodes of nurse jackie and meet the browns

is there a reason they are showing 2 episodes of nurse Jackie this week and why they have 2 episodes of meet the browns every week is it to get rid of the show early

Nurse Jackie: Save it or Sink It? - Featured

Edie Falco is back on television! You've now seen the pilot (if not or you want to catch it again, get on it - watch it !), met the cast, and had some time to decide what you think of Nurse Jackie , so add your comments below about whether you think Nurse Jackie is save or sink-worthy! Is Nurse Jackie going to be your new favorite summer show, or are you staying cautiously optimistic for the time being? Source: E!Online - Save It or Sink It: What Did You Think of Nurse Jackie?

pre air pilot

just watched the pre air pilot of nurse jackie loved every min of it am hooked cant wait for the season to start