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Nurse Jackie Refused to Soften Jackie Till the Bitter End

  Nurse Jackie was never quite a perfect show. Beautifully performed, certainly. Gutsy in its antiheroism. But bumpy. There were the super-heavy elements of Jackie's ongoing addiction and its ability to eclipse everything else in her life, sometimes balanced by the inviting warmth of Merritt Wever's performance as the irrepressible Zoey. But those things never paired that well with Akalitus's more slapstick humor, or Coop's chronic inappropriateness, or O'Hara's anything. The show cycled through guest stars Bobby Cannavale, Adam Ferrara, Morris Chestnut, Julie White, Laura Benanti, and, most recently, Tony Shalhoub and Mark Feuerstein and seemingly high-stakes story lines. Yet despite the trail of death and destruction she left in her wake, nothing much seemed to stick for Jackie. Relapse is part of recovery, but Jackie relapsed more than she recovered, which is why her character's end felt fair, if not welcome. Addiction, man. It'll kill you.   Or maybe Jackie's not dead. Showrunner Clyde Phillips claims that the ending is meant to be ambiguous , but even if Jackie's "alive" what's left of her life? Unlike House (another witty medical show with a pill addict at its center), or Breaking Bad , or Damages , or any of the other several shows centered on toxic, dangerous people, Nurse Jackie never gave over to a sense of romanticism about its main character. I mean, sure, Tony Soprano's a murderer several times over, but we're supposed to get him, love him, even. We're supposed to be tickled by Justified 's Raylan Givens, even as he abuses people. Don Draper's rotten, emotionally bankrupt behavior somehow made him a beacon of masculinity rather than a danger fable.   Read More... //

Did 'Nurse Jackie' end at the right time, and in the right way?

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall interviews "Nurse Jackie" showrunner Clyde Phillips about the finale of the Showtime dramedy starring Edie Falco.   Read More... //

Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Serviam in Caritate

"Nurse Jackie" Season 7 episode 9 titled, "Serviam in Caritate" aired on Sunday, June 7, 2015 on Showtime. "Nurse Jackie" kicks off with Jackie giving Bernie a shot. She wonders about his brain tumor and he tells her he’s had it for about a year, but nothing has worked for him. He thanks her for helping him and she walks out with the syringe in her pocket. Gloria runs into her and asks about her engagement. Jackie fills her in on the details. READ MORE...

'Nurse Jackie' recap: 'Managed Care'

During a sobering day at All Saints, Thor's surprise is the only news that's good.   Read More... //

'Nurse Jackie' recap: 'Coop Out'

Jackie finds an ally in the new ER doctor and hatches a new, devious plan.   Read More... //

Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Jackie Gets Back to Work

"Nurse Jackie" season 7 episode 2 titled, "Deal" aired on Apr.19, 2015 on Showtime. In this episode, Jackie tries to get the funds she needed to hire Barry as her lawyer. She attempts to find a way to get back to All Saints. Read on for the full recap. "Nurse Jackie" episode 2 kicks off with Jackie visiting Zoey at All Saints. She insists that she is clean and has been that way for 16 days. Zoey tells her she’s on the watch list. Then, Jackie tells her that she has a lawyer. Just in time, Barry calls her and tells her that he won’t be helping her until he receives his payment. READ MORE...

'Nurse Jackie' recap: 'Godfathering'

Jackie's new role at the hospital is causing all sorts of feelings.   Read More... //

'Nurse Jackie' recap: 'Deal'

Jackie juggles fundsand ethicsto secure a lawyer and return to All Saints.   Read More... //

'Nurse Jackie' recap: 'Clean'

Desperate to reclaim her life, Jackie devises a typical, undermining plan.   Read More... //

Nurse Jackie Season 5 Finale “Soul” Review

Oh, Jackie. In a season in which Nurse Jackie series seemed to suffer from amnesia and an identity crisis at times, the season ended on a very familiar note – Jackie taking drugs. It seems fitting that Jackie’s relapse happen on the occasion of her celebration of a year of sobriety. Not that I was rooting against Jackie, but the relapse seemed inevitable. Hell, the stress with Kevin and that annoying Grace made me want to take a drink of the alcoholic variety. I’m rooting for Jackie to get back on the wagon next season, but I also hope that perhaps her foray into a familiar vice will help get the show back on track. READ MORE...