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Defenentally 10 out of 10

You may think at first, "Ah this looks stupid" but think again. Just try watching it from the beginning to the end. I guarantee 100% satisfaction by the time you get about to episode 250. I recommend this to anyone. If you think this is dumb then ask yourself this: Why did they make over 400+ episodes and still airing and why is it rated number 1 on animecrazy.net?. Source Here

Number 1 for a reason

This show is the best I've seen by far, it does have a few fillers but its nothing big, maybe a few episodes. Naruto and bleach are also great but they definitely take the cake for fillers. If you haven't checked out the beginning do it and if you have it can be re-watched for personal enjoyment, the only anime which comes close to the kinda action this one puts out was DBZ Source Here

Great Manga of All Time

There are a thousand things I can say about One Piece. The story is amazing, the story is funny, and the world of One Piece is adventurous. The story takes off in a huge world where there are many people sailing the sea. There is a lot of history but they never ever make it the plot of the story. The history, which I find interesting, is always second to the main adventure which features the funny Luffy going on an adventure of epic proportions. All I can say is that if you aren't reading/watching it now, you should start immediately.. Source Here

Amazing Show

One Piece Reviewed by Northyman One Piece is an amazing show that keeps on getting more and more exciting as the story goes. You may need to watch a few episodes to get hold of it but when u get to know the characters u will love them. This show got everything, Great humor, Intensive action and also some sad parts. Even though this show is considered "child show" in Japan it will defintly flow for the elders in the "western world"(at least it does for me), we probably have a higher age req for violence. If you start watching this u wont be disappointed.. Sorce Here

More than incredible

There is just no one word to sum up One Piece, it's simply incredible, it's funny, it's romance of all kinds..it's action and adventure beyond imagination..it always keeps you on the edge just wanting to sit and watch it more and more. The characters are well developed and be them evil or the straw hat pirates, they are all likable and very unique. So when you see One Piece flashing across your screen don't wait out as long as I did before I tried it thinking it's just another pirate wanna-be anime. because once you start, you will be hooked and want to beat yourself for waint so long to join the adventure, just make sure you watch the Japanese dubb. it's amazing.. Source Here

My favourite anime

What I like most about this anime is the ambition of its characters. They put everything when they fight or chase their dreams. The main character, Monkey D. Luffy, is a simpleton. He believes that the one who lives as he desires is the king of the world, and he does so. He dedicates his life for achieving the top, being the Pirate King. He has a huge ambition which is later introduced as "haki" and makes him even powerful in fight. The crew mates of Luffy, the swordsman Zoro and the kick-fighter Sanji are strong warriors as well. The put their lives on the line and make several death matches agains formidable enemies, each of them was great to watch. This anime has both superhuman strength fighting scenes and swordsplay. There is a vast collection of characters, some are funny, and some are making it serious. You will become addicted to this anime as you travel through its fantastic storyline. Source Here

One Piece is about...

One Piece is all about courage,determination,friendship,love and many more. The Characters:Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Vivi, Robin, and many other characters, shows these characteristics. Pirates are supposed to be bad, but their crew,The Straw Hat Pirates,are different from the other pirates. One Piece is really worth watching. You can learn many things in this Anime show. Well, there is some problems in this Anime show. But they are still get working on it.. Source Here

My favorite series but not for everyone

One Piece Reviewed by hashbrown One piece is totally unrealistic in the sense that nobody good ever dies even if they are holding a nuke and it explodes (this actually happens to a minor character and he survives). Its repetitive and follows the basic anime formula of a kid who just keeps getting stronger and stronger. That being said I love it! The characters are so fun and I love seeing them in new situations. I watched the first 206 episodes in 1 week (my current record) and have been watching it ever since. Things move slowly but steadily and it can feel like things drag out for long. I say watch the first 20 episodes or so and if you dont like it or think its "ok" then just move on.. Source Here

Two Thumbs Up!

One Piece is one of the greatest anime of all times. The storyline is truly unbeatable and original as the main character Luffy himself. The story is a little slow paced in the beginning but once Luffy gets his crew and the ship gets moving its awesome, hilariously funnny at times and also got epic scale battles and even greater adventures. I have watched many animes like DB series, bleach, naruto and other but one piece will beat any anime anyday anytime. One Piece is a must watch for any anime fan out there. (I recommend watching One Piece in subbed rather than dubbed because some dialogues make sense only in japanese.) Enjoy!.

Truely the best of the best

I used to think One Piece was lame, because of how the characters were drawn and the horrible dub from 4kids, but after waiting forever for Bleach and Naruto to come out, I got bored and started watching One Piece, since it had so many positive reviews. After the first 35 episodes, I was hooked, and it was the only anime I watched for weeks (trying to catch up). Eventually, I caught up, but it was at such a climax that I couldn't wait, and started the manga. When I caught up to the most recent chapter, I was an absolute fan of OP, I think there's no anime/manga that was ever better then this, truely an amazing job from Oda! I am a proud fangirl of Portgaz.D.Ace! Source Here