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one tree hill s06e11

what is up with the retro episode? it became very obvious that Hilarie Burton is a horrible actress. Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti are much more natural actresses. just when i thought this was a good series...


as you all know in 6.11, in the last 20 seconds, PEyton fell to the floor in pain! any ideas of why? -pregnant? -ill?

Episode 10 Great Episode

hey fellow one tree hill fans who loved this weeks episode?? i did, whooo leyton are absolutely perfect as they should be :) and whoo derek and peyton have a great relationship. this episode had the little humour i used to love about the show and lots happened in this episode dramatic wise but there was still so much happiness. i love sam and brooke together and if the baby doesnt work out i still think its great!!! What you all think??

Episode 10

Hey there does anyone have any links to watch Episode 10 of One Tree Hill? Still waiting for some to be posted, as I am very eager to watch! Thanks so much!


Oh my.. I can't believe her choice of words!.. "We were in love!" LOL holy.. shes ruining it for herself.. she should have said.. we THOUGHT we were in love.. oH myyy goosshhh.. Poor lucas.. =[ hes sad now!... grr peyton.. i love her, but seriously.. whyy.. WHY!?

i like julian !!!!

i like julian i think him and peyton make a cute couple... i think that if we dnt want the OTH to end we need more conflict

Sympathy for the devil

I thought it was a great episode :) Im really loving sams character and her being a good friend to Jamie, and i have high hopes for Leyton, I rekon they ll get through the Julian scandal. What did everyone else think?

OTH Season 7: Join the movement!

Hi everyone, Our movement to get a season 7 of One Tree Hill is growing! Check out all these comments from all of you to this website Keep the comments coming and we will have our voices heard. One Tree Hill Forever!! Common, let’s flood this website with comments and I will send them all to the producers of One Tree Hill. We can make a difference! Let’s save our show!!! JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!

Future episodes

Does anyone know how many episodes season 6 is gonna hav? Coz all the other seasons have at least 22 episodes, then season 5 only had 18. Same with Desperate Housewives, season 4 only had 17

Why isn't the new one tree hill uploaded ???

Why isn't last nights episode of one tree hill uploaded yet?? does anyone know when it will be uploaded ? thank you