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Funny OTH quote.

Episode 9, had some extremely funny one liners! By far the best was when Rachel and Dan rocked up to Nathans. "Nathan: When you and Deb are tired of my high school class, I'm sure I can rumage through some of my middle school friends for you. Rachel: Its good to see you too Nathan. Funny I used to want you to be my Daddy...now I'm your Mummy. Jamie: Niced to meet you Grandma Rachel Rachel: Oh...I remember when you were a rumour in third period." And then the look Rachel and Nathan give each other. Classic! (okay not a one liner..but a very funny scene!!) What are some other classic OTH quotes...

One Tree Hill: Bringin' on The Funny - 7.8 Review - Featured

OTH decided to keep it light this week after last week's moving and dramatic episode. Clay hung with the coolest ghost ever; the guys went camping, equipped with Julian's high-priced gear and never-ending movie quotes, and with the always-annoying Chuck in tow; the girls had a chocolate high and a spooky night; and Dan got spooked all epi by a mystery man with a bleeding heart. It was a Halloween epi of Scooby-Doo proportions and I found myself laughing at some of the crazy hijinks. Here are some lines and scenes that made me chuckle: Skills : Man when I said "guys weekend", I pictured us by the pool, at the Bellagio, room & drinks comped all 'cause we were rolling with Nate Scott...yeah, but the d*mn woods? With hungry animals and dudes with hockey masks? Mouth : C'mon man...camping is a great way to forget your life...no TV, no internet, no cell phones-- Skills : No way to call for help... Nathan : (Apathetically) Hey, look everyone...it's Julian Chuck : Who the h*ll is Julian? Jamie : Uncle Skills, we pitched our tent Skills : Ah, way to go guys. Alright, here's your merit badges Mouth : What's that all about? Skills : I got these at the army surplus store...we got merit badges all weekend. Check this out: Hey, who wants to get their "go get me a beer" badge? Jamie & Chuck : I do! Mouth : Nice... Skills : So how you doin' Chuck? Chuck : My mom says you can't marry Miss Lauren because you don't make enough money. Skills : Fine. Guess who just lost their "keep their d*mn mouth shut" badge? Julian (beating two rocks together) : We did this in a movie I just produced...we just need one spark... Nathan (after putting lighter fluid on the wood and lighting it with a match) : Alright Spielberg, why don't you produce us some marshmallows? Julian : You wanna hear something really scary? Chuck : Bring it Julia ... Nathan : Not cool man... Julian : Lighten up Francis...everybody loves a good "Brokeback Mountain" joke Nathan (looking at Julian's sleeping bag) : Not when you're over there sleeping in your "lambskin condom" (After Nathan & Julian's bonding session) Julian : That was my first ever fist bump Nathan : Don't over think it Other Thoughts: I wish they had left out the Clay/Quinn scenes this week b/c...well, in the spirit of keeping it light, I won't rehash my thoughts on Quinn this week... I caught Julian's "Breakfast Club" movie reference (I like that movie)... Oh, I thought it was cool that Julian tipped Mouth & Skills off to new career possibilities and Dan is coming back to Tree Hill... What did you like about this epi? You think Nathan & his dad will be able to make amends during their reunion next week?

in love with one tree hill

i'm so in-love with this show its actually bad i think, but there are moments in the show that just take me away. and am a guy

Episode 7

I am absolutely loving oth at the moment!!! The new season is heaps better than gg's new season! The writers really have picked up there game! I didnt really like Clay at the start, but the whole Clay/Sara marriage/death explains alot and I've warmed to him. And it was really anoying me where I knew Amanda Schull (Sara) from and I finally figered it out, she was Jody in Centre Stage. Clarification for this episode, Dan had his heart op, hence the scar on his chest??? One thing im anoyed at though is Rachel, yer it was a massive WOAH when you first found out what she had done, but she hasnt really done anything since, i was expecting a little brooke/rachel conflict or anything. Not just with Dan, im kinda dissapointed, since Rachel is one of the best things to come out of Tree Hill! I really want Naley to have another kid. And I want a big nice fancy wedding for Brooke and Julian :) Completly random discussion, didnt have a point. But yeah, anything else interesting you about new season.


All I have to say is "Way to go!" to Brooke for putting that ho-bag in her place; to Mouth for fightin' the power; and last, but not at all least, to Haley for going against appearances and choosing to believe in your husband...long live Naley. : ) P.S. I sure hope Dan flips the script on that psycho...I know there's got to be a twist or two in here somewhere...

Do I Need to Start A Petition? Whatever it Takes, Quinn Has Got To Go...

This discussion is a continuation of "Ok, I'm Just Going to Say It..." I think I'm ready to start a petition, if that's what it takes to get Quinn off the show, because she's taking it down. She and her s/l are boring, and with the show being in transition now, it can't afford that...actually, can a show ever afford to have boring characters and storylines on it? Anyways, the following is a response to totvornottotv, from the other discussion. It sums up my thoughts on why Quinn's got to go and other adjustments that need to be made on the show... quick : I agree, totvornottotv...after watching the 5th epi, I am convinced that the Quinn s/l is bringing the show down. It's a combination of her bad acting and the writing for that s/l, which doesn't make sense. When watching it, I keep trying to understand why she won't go back to her husband, but they haven't given a good reason...she seems conflicted, like she still loves him, but wants to be free to do her own thing. I understand that in life, people don't always have good reasons for doing things, and often make bad choices, but when you're trying to drum up the viewers' interest in a new main character, you want to give people a reason to want to watch them. Whether the character is good, bad, or a mixture of both, we should be able to sympathize with them and/or be intrigued by them, and that ain't happenin' here. Where's The Vice and Why Is She Here? Perhaps the writers should have given the husband some sort of vice, so we could understand why she left, and warm up to the idea of her being with someone else. But they didn't, and the way she's dealt with her husband and this situation was not a good setup for a relationship with the agent. I thought I saw chemistry between the two, initially, but now the whole thing seems forced and anticlimactic. Their getting together was rushed...now they're living together? WTH? Things may have gotten a little tense at Naley's, but Haley needs her support, and her being there has also helped Jamie by raising his spirits and giving him someone else to talk to in this situation...to me, that's the only purpose she serves on the show. Sorry, the Acting and Chemistry Ain't Cuttin' It Maybe if the actress did a better job of drawing your interest in Quinn's character, and if she and Robert Buckley had off the wall, onscreen chemistry, this situation with them could have worked, but since none of that is the case, this s/l is essentially a dead weight to the show. I would rather see them start to explore the agent some more...I like the fact that they've written him with a little mystique, and think that investing more focus on the development of his s/l would have a better payoff. I understand why they've incorporated Alex into Brooke & Julian's s/l- to shake things up a little- but I also think they should continue to give her scenes with Clay, because I believe their interaction would be interesting. I think the actress playing Alex is a good one, because although I can't stand the character's ways, her portrayal does make the character interesting, and that is essential for a "love to hate" character. It is challenging to play the layers in a character, and I think she does that pretty well. Brooke Is Best...Anyone Else Would Be Better Having said that, I still don't appreciate how they seem to have relegated Brooke to the background and played up Alex...Is Brooke supposed to be support for a Julian/Alex s/l now? What the heck... I'm glad they made Millie a model, because it will be interesting to see how she and Mouth adjust to her newfound success, but other than that, it seems they're giving too much focus to the new characters, and I don't think that's a good move. I'm with you on Brooke's development- her character arc has been interesting to watch: she was fun as the bad girl, and she still is as the selfless adult, still growing and trying to find her way. I actually thought the same thing about her and Mouth, totvornottotv, back when they were in high school...also, I agree: why hasn't Brooke been included in Naley's s/l? I guess because Quinn's there, but honestly, I think it'd be better for Brooke to fill that spot because she has a bond with them and w/Jamie, so why can't she play the supportive role for them? To fill out the show more, they could also, as you said, develop Mia and her bf's characters and relationship...what's going on w/Mia on the road? Why haven't we really seen them get intimate? They could eventually bring Taylor back to shake things up a bit for Naley. I would like them to bring Chris Keller back to work with Haley and/or Mia...he was fun and he had a thing for Haley...he would be a good shake-up candidate for Naley or Mia's relationship w/her bf. The bottom line is that there are a number of things they could do to fill the show in more interesting ways...then they could send that sister away and all would be right on One Tree Hill again. Why can't TPTB see this... Nathan & The Numbers Game Regarding the suspicion around Nathan in this last epi, I think that girl got his number at the party when he was drunk and called it so there would be record of her number on their phone statement. She set that up the same way she slipped into Jamie's party, uninvited, and got Nathan to take a picture with her...she's framing him to get paid and/or get revenge. I'm glad they've incorporated Dan in this s/l...I'm curious to see just how he's going to deal with this skank. So what do you fellow OTH fans think about Quinn? Keep her or kick her? What do you think of the recent Quinn/Clay hookup? Are you sticking by Nathan or are you on the fence?

repeat character?

is it just me, or is the blonde prostitute in the cell with haley the same actress that played the prostitute who looked like peyton in the episode with her brother/stalker??

Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Monday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! Since Monday night is such a huge TV night, we want to know what shows wins for what you're watching on TV during those big timeslots packed with lots of goodies. We've included the popular major network shows below, but feel free to throw in your cable choices as well. Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Monday timeslots! Monday at 8/7c: House on Fox Heroes on NBC How I Met Your Mother on CBS One Tree Hill on The CW Dancing with the Stars on ABC Monday at 9/8c: Lie to Me on Fox Trauma on NBC Two and a Half Men and/or The Big Bang Theory on CBS Gossip Girl on The CW My timeslot choices: 8PM watch/record: House and Heroes 8PM watch later online: How I Met Your Mother 9PM watch/record: Gossip Girl and Trauma 9PM watch later online: Greek

Ok, I'm Just Going To Say It... (OTH Season 7, Episode 3: "Raise My Hand While I'm Lowered"

Honestly, I don't care about Haley's sister, Quinn, and her problems, and I don't enjoy watching that annoying Alex. In this week's epi, it seemed there was too much focus on the new characters, and I don't think that's the direction the show needs to take this season. Why not focus on the characters we've grown to love over the years and let the others just play support? I think they should, at least, ditch the boring sister and the annoying actress chick, and bring on some more interesting characters in their place. What do you guys think? P.S. I forgot to mention that Rachel is completely ugh-worthy...I'm hoping Dan will ditch her soon. I loved the restaurant scene towards the end, though...totally wasn't expecting it and had a :D on my face when it happened...also, I was touched when Nathan went to have his talk w/Jamie : (.

peyton and lucas not on the show?

whatever happened to peyton and lucas? are they not on the show anymore? why?