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Peyton Sawyer -- Tree Hill's Tortured Artist

Like her, or hate her, you can't deny Peyton Sawyer is a survivor. Here's Peyton's story!

The most un-tragic finale in the history of OTH

I loved how un-tragic the finale was. It was truely beautiful, having everything work out the way it did. It did make me wonder though, that was the last episode that CMM and Hilarie Burton were going to be on the show, and since there was no explanation as to why they wouldnt be there next season, it really makes me wonder how the writers are going to explain it. I hope its not something lame like the other characters saying something about how they decided to leave or how they missed them and explaining how they left. Maybe the two actors will appear in the first couple of episodes and then leave...which means that although they are happy right now and everything is going perfect, that could all change by next season... The final scene was the three of them Lucas, Peyton and baby Sawyer riding into the sunset in the Comet....given all the tragedies with cars in OTH history...u never know what might happen... What does everyone else think? How will the writers explain the disappearance of two of the biggest characters on the show?

the finale: did anyone else expect to see someone drop dead every second?

honestly, this finale was weird. but i don't necessarily mean in a bad way. it's just that we are used to so much drama in this series that this huge happy ending caught me totally off guard. i was always waiting for a terrible accident or a bomb, or that peyton is still lying in the hospital bed and is just dreaming all these happy things. there was no cliffhanger at all. but then again: everyone has cliffhangers, so why no perfect ending without unnecessary deaths? oth is different in every way. i still can't figure out how they're gonna continue with the show with murray and burton leaving. they would have to come up with something really good. ...but it still sucks that peyton and lucas will be gone next season...

Im Confused....

Ok this to me felt a lot more like a series finally than a season finally. I mean everything was tie up from luke and peyton having thier child to nathan going to the nba to brooke and her mom reconciling and her confessing her love for juilan to milli staying in tree hill with mouth. There was no cliff hanger as per usual with OTH finally's. Since there is going to be a season 7 what is the deal with Luke and Peyton? There was nothing to suggest that there are going anywhere and now it wouldn't even make sense i mean they are all about tree hill now when the new episode starts what are they gonna do just say oh they moved away? it doesn't make sense. Seems to me they should have just ended everything with this episode.

Who are YOUR all-time favorite character?

vote her for your favorite couple! Gossip girl, OTH, 90210, OC? Vote here! xoxo


Does anyone else feel Chad was acting really poorly in the last couple of episode...I mean in one, Peyton was in the hospital and NOTHING...no emotion at all. I was baffled...I thought, maybe it was a subtle thing he was trying to do...or trying to look angry. Well it wasn't working... And then the latest episode...again...nothing...until the very end where he saved some warmth. I have nothing against Chad (I do love Lucas) and thats why it's so fustrating...if he isn't returning for the next season then he surely isn't going out with a bang.

Lucas's Voice overs

Has anyone noticed lately that his voice overs have stopped? I miss them, they always seemed to tie the episodes together and was something different that other shows dont do... Tell us some of your favourite OTH voice over quotes.. Mine is either Lucas in season 5 episode 13. Its says something like. Make a wish and place it in your heart; anything you want, everything you want... etc etc ORR Brookes in Season 2- Someone once said; it’s the good girls who keep diaries, the bad girls never have the time, me...I just want to live a life I’m going to remember, even if I don’t write it down. P.S Did anyone elses heart break in Episode 20 when Brooke was finding out about Peyton maybe dieing?? P.P.S Is it official that Chad and Hilarie arnt coming back??

trying to watch video

Is is just me or is it getting harder and harder to find a good working link to watch OTH? It seems every link I go to will not play.

The OTH Caption Game #5

Alright, it's time for another caption game. SUBMIT YOUR OTH CAPTION TO WIN!

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