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Peyton or the baby? Who should live?

The promos, quite clearly are not good news for Leyton. Remember Luke yelling- "if you have this baby, you could die!" So if it were up to you to decide, who would you want for to live? Peyton? Or the baby?

Enough IS ENOUGH, Done with One Tree Hill... Finally..

I have seen every episode of OTH from the beginning, and it was a good show when it was actually about a High School, but nowadays the show is simply PISS OUT OF MY ASS, I've continued to watch it because simply I havent missed one episode, but the acting and the script is TO HORRIBLE to even watch, Jesus Christ Good Riddance Lucas does a semi good acting job, but not more then that Peyton overact and it shows, she haven't been killed off yet cause she is pretty Brook is a decent good actress Jamie is pissing me of with his overly angel boy act, no one ever buys it Haily is a decent agress Rest of the show is what you call it? unimpressive, not on my radar

Why is one tree hill becoming annoying?

My favourite character is Peyton but it's annoying me how we all know Hilarie Burton is leaving and Peyton is going to die because of the baby. No show has lasted without it's main characters. I just don't understand, if Peyton is going to die why does Chad have to leave the show too? One Tree Hill will never be the same again if Chad leaves, Peyton we can get over eventually but the show is evolved around Lucas. He says the voiceovers and it was about his life. Brooke, Mouth, Nathan and Haley's storylines aren't interesting enough to keep us watching. I think One Tree Hill will end after Season 7. There have been other rumours saying that Nathan and Haley are going to move and well then there's nothing else left in One Tree Hill is there? Besides Deb, Dan, Mouth, Skills and Brooke. And those characters aren't as important, we know that Brooke is important but what other storyline can they put with her? She is already a mom, had her heart broken, is now with Julian, got attacked, her mom stole her company, her friend overdosed, her best friend is going to die, her ex-boyfriend is going to leave and her other friends are moving. One Tree Hill will either have its last season which would be season 7 or be cancelled. One Tree Hill fellow fans, let's hope that no such things will happen. I have already cried like I've never cried before after watching Episode 17 and figuring out that Peyton will die. And what is Southern Gothic?

Holy moly

So many tears.

Peyton Drama...

Ok so, I might be hated for this, but I gotta ask, is anyone else getting really sick and tired of all the Peyton drama? Personally she's gotten really annoying to me. Stalker, constantly whining over Lucas, getting shot, birth moms, half brothers, birth fathers, baby, might lose baby...going to have baby anyways... Like really? How much drama can one life have?! Anyways I might be alone on this but but I had to ask, am I the only one who's flat out annoyed by now?

When is this episode going to play?

So, I'm guessing that they might not have that many episodes left so they keep pushing this episode back, and to be honest it's very irritating! It's been five weeks since the last one played. Anyone else feel the same?

Fashion with Sophia!

Sophia attended the Herve Leger Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, in New York City. As usual, she looked amazing in a bandange dress made by Herve Leger. What do you think of Sophia's fashion wardrobe this time?

One Tree Hill Discussion: Can (and Should?) the Show Survive Without Leyton? - Featured

Though One Tree Hill was renewed yesterday along with 5 other CW series , today the internet is abuzz with rumors that both series stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be renewing their contracts (brings back memories of Smallville last season, huh?). The news was reported by onetreehillfans.com and was also picked up by zap2it . So...could the series survive without its central couple? If this would be the case, would you rather just see the show end? Discuss

OTH Caption Game!

I'm gonna post a picture from an episode of OTH, past or present, and you have to tell me what you think of it, or what they should have said. Play the OTH caption game!

Lucas and Peyton's Baby: Boy or Girl?

If you have seen Screenwriter's Blues then you saw that at the end (or actually 'heard') was the baby's heartbeat. Do you think its a boy or a girl?