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OMG! Everyone who's an OTH fan is going to be shocked when you see brooke after she got beaten up. TO be honest I never been so shocked by watching this sort of preview in my life! She looks teriable ( i know obviously she got badly beaten). But you can not miss this preview. If I told any more I would ruin this for you so please go and watch this on the CW website!!!

TV Premieres: By the Numbers

Good news for The CW . As you may have read, the network has been struggling in the ratings, but last night's premieres of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill both opening strongly, giving the network its best ever Monday evening. Perhaps things are finally looking up. Gossip Girl averaged 3.4 million viewers and One Tree Hill 3.1. Raising the Bar , the new legal drama starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar on TNT , also had a solid start. In fact, with 7.7 million viewers, this was a new record for a series premiere on ad-supported cable. Over on Fox, the Prison Break premiere averaged 6.5 million viewers, which was actually down a million from last year's premiere. Sources: Variety and THR

bethany joy galeotti on CW.

Have you seen Joy's clip about the OTH season 6. She is so down to earth! I mean I think only OTH cast are the only people who are truly down to earth specially sophia bush. Can't wait tonight to see the new episode! But to be honest I hate nanny carrie more than dan, simply becuase she's a complete psycho! I think she's the new Derek! lol!

Chad Michael Murray: Love at LAX

Looking very studly in a red zip-up hoodie overtop a white v-neck t-shirt and a pair of distressed jeans, Chad Michael Murray was spotted at LAX International Airport yesterday (August 27). Having just celebrated his 27th birthday this past Sunday, August 24th, the "Freaky Friday" hottie appeared to be in high spirits as he escorted his 20-year-old fiance Kenzie Dalton through the terminal. For more from the source, click here .

Looks like Brooke is out of the race...

This link shows a scene from the premiere for season 6 Looks like Brooke's not the one at the airport going to Vegas...shamee.

One Tree Hill Gag Reel

Season 5 was great, I dont think anyone can argue that point. Next week on August 26th, Season 5 of One Tree Hill on DVD goes on sale. One of the bonus features, the gag reel of all the funny things that happened on the set of One Tree Hill, got leaked! Watch the One Tree Hill Gag Reel now!

Check out the One Tree Hill Season 5 Gag Reel

The gag reel appears on the Season 5 DVD, but has also leaked to YouTube: One Tree Hill Season 5 Gag Reel I have to tell you, I'm normally not a gag reel fan, but they had me at the 30 Rock reference... (It's in the first scene; watch this if you didn't catch it) via BuddyTV

Sophia Bush Lands at LAX

Even celebrities aren't immune to the sometimes-irregular schedules of airlines. And last night (August 12), Sophia Bush fell victim to a pretty major delay. Landing two hours late, the " One Tree Hill " hottie looked a bit annoyed as she waited for over a half hour for her luggage to show up at the baggage claim. For more from the source, click here .

Photos from the Season Premiere

seat42 has some photos from the premiere episode of One Tree Hill . One is displayed here and the rest can be viewed over at seat42f . The episode is titled "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, PT 1" and airs on September 1st.

OTH: Is John Doe Peyton's Father?

We all know that Peyton will be getting a father on One Tree Hill soon enough. The show has been hinting at it for awhile ("this guy that used to know my mother..."). So...who is he? Well, actor/musician John Doe (yes, that's his real name) has been cast for next season of the show. Mark Schwahn won't confirm what his character will be, but it all kind of fits, doesn't it? Source: TV Show News