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Abandoned by his mother and raised in different orphanages, the only thing Kamishiro Maiku has left from his early childhood is a photograph showing the house he was living in with himself and a girl playing outside in a kiddy pool. When Maiku sees the same house in a TV report about an UFO sighting, he decides to travel to that peaceful town, search for his childhood memories and start living in that house - alone. One day, however, Miyafuji Miina and Onodera Karen burst into Maiku's life, both introducing themselves as Maiku's twin sister. Both have the same eye color as Maiku and each has a copy of the same photograph of the boy and girl. Who's the twin? Who's the stranger? Look forward to a joyful and romantic drama about these three twins. - Credit to Veoh's Tijgerbos5 (Paraphrased)

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