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onmyou taisenki

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Sundays, 7:00 PM EST
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2 Seasons, 58 Episodes
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Fight Between Dragons and Tigers

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One night, Masaomi explains to Riku about what Toujinshi and Shikigami are, and why the Ten-ryuu and the Chi-ryuu are currently fighting. It seems that the Chi-ryuu is interested in opening the Fukumaden Kimon, a gate that leads to demons and a power that

Episode Reviews

by CarolannL

Jan 31, 2015

Great show from the same creators of Cardcaptor (same characters, different story all together) a shame they stopped the series. The manga is way to long to read!

by Halenfansarah

Sep 29, 2014

Not bad. I like how they look like hoe they are connected to the characters of Cardcaptor Sakura