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Outcast Season Finale Recap: Who Do You Love?

It's tough to trust a show that keeps stringing its audience along. ...Read More... //

Outcast Season 1 Episode 10 Review: This Little Light

I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen at any point during Outcast Season 1 Episode 10 . This hour was more dark, disturbing, and intense than any of the previous nine episodes. It seems almost impossible that a show so superbly done on every level could be any better, but Outcast outperformed itself with this fantastic season finale. I loved how Outcast Season 1 Episode 10 mimicked Outcast Season 1 Episode 1 in the gore department at the beginning of the hour. Instead of a possessed Joshua eating a cockroach and his own fingers, we had a possessed Megan touching the dead eyes of her husband and peeling the skin off her hand. ...Read More...   //

Outcast Recap: Devils Advocate

Watching Outcast is like riding the world's most underwhelming roller coaster. ...Read More... //

Outcast Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Close to Home

Well, that just blew my mind. Even if I didn't give in and read some of the comics today, I would still be in shock. Not so much with Megan's transformation (which was still shocking in its own right), but more with Mark's demise. Fear. Joy. Death. What a way to end Outcast Season 1 Episode 9 and prepare us for next week's season finale. ...Read More...   //

Outcast Recap: Sympathy for the Devil

"What Lurks Within" is a deceptively slow episode. ...  Read More... //

Outcast Season 1 Episode 8 Review: What Lurks Within

Did that hour fly by or what? We learned a whole lot about Sidney on Outcast Season 1 Episode 8 , but was what he shared really true?   Before I dig into the story, I really need to give props to the entirety of Outcast. The writing, the acting, the editing...every aspect of this show is so superbly done. Each week I am pulled along with this fascinating story, and each week I am left wanting more. ...  Read More...   //

Outcast Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Damage Done

Reverend Anderson has lost his mind. At least that's what the townspeople must be thinking after his tirade during Remembrance Day on Outcast Season 1 Episode 7 . There is no doubt that Patricia's juvenile delinquent son (I forget his name) is the one responsible for drawing the pentagram on the coal miner memorial. He saw everything that happened to Reverend Anderson at the hands of Sidney, and he and his friends had painted graffiti on the church previously. ...  Read More...   //

Outcast Recap: Satanic Panic

After a few bumpy episodes, "The Damage Done" shows new signs of promise....   Read More... //

Outcast Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “From the Shadows It Watches”

From the beginning, one of the most intriguing aspects of Outcast has been Reverend Anderson. Who is he? What happened in his past? It’s time to finally get some answers, so let’s take a look at what happened in the newest episode, "From the Shadows It Watches." The episode opens with the good reverend watching old tapes of his exorcism attempts, seemingly trying to reconcile these exorcisms of the past with the true evil that he has witnessed ever since crossing paths once again with Kyle Barnes. His personal life also begins to suffer, and we get to see this firsthand through his budding relationship. When the woman expresses hesitation at not knowing what Anderson is really up to, he decides to bring her into the fold firsthand. Nothing seems to be working, though, leading him to the slow realization that Kyle is really what he needs in order to succeed in his work. Unfortunately, that working relationship has taken a turn for the worse, so Anderson is on his own. Patricia, the woman, ends up going to find Kyle herself (against the reverend’s wishes), and it allows for further development of Kyle’s journey into becoming a hero. Overall, the depiction of this journey is one of Outcast‘s greatest accomplishments so far, and I am absolutely loving this unique exploration of the classic hero’s path. READ MORE...

Outcast Recap: Who Still Uses VHS Tapes?

"From the Shadows It Watches" is a majortumble backward.   Read More... //