Pimp my PC Episode Guide

Lucas Cochran helps you customize, personalize and trick out that boring beige box PC. With everything from theme packs, cold cathode lighting, case mods, skins, stickers, markers, paint and just about anything you can imagine, Lucas makes your erstwhile weak PC into something you

Episode Guide

40 episodes

  • 27 episodes
    27 episodes
    • s2010e40Pimpin
    • s2010e39Getting centered in the Windows 7 taskbar
    • s2010e38Turning your computer into Picasso with IOGraph
    • s2010e37Pimpin
    • s2010e36Pimpin
    • s2010e35Pimpin
    • s2010e34Cleaning up your Mac desktop
    • s2010e33Pimping the Mac OS X Terminal
    • s2010e32Further hacking the Windows 7 login screen
    • s2010e31Command line pimpin
    • s2010e30Pimpin
    • s2010e29Making fat stacks and other Windows 7 pimps
    • s2010e28Pimpin your Windows desktop with BumpTop 3D
    • s2010e27Mac Finder and Spaces customizations
    • s2010e26Pimpin
    • s2010e25Customizing the Mac OS X menu bar
    • s2010e24Star Wars USB gadgets for your workspace
    • s2010e23Mac OS X Widget pimps
    • s2010e22Windows 7 screen savers: The lost settings
    • s2010e21Pimpin
    • s2010e20Windows 7 gadget pimpin
    • s2010e19Pimpin
    • s2010e18Creating pimped themes in Windows 7
    • s2010e17Enabling motion desktop wallpaper in Windows 7
    • s2010e16Drop it like it
    • s2010e15Pimpin
    • s2010e14Pimping your gadgets and gear... with lasers at HiTech Tattoos
  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes