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With this past Monday's Kyle XY series finale (which we all could clearly see was meant to be a season ending cliffhanger and anything but a series finale), my mind started thinking about other shows that have ended with the same fate - a giant cliffhanger due to a lack of opportunity to resolve things. Some endings that have stung most for me besides Kyle XY : Las Vegas - In the final episode of NBC's 5 season running guilty pleasure, we are left unsure whether new boss Cooper is dead or alive, and whether or not Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Delinda's baby survives. Popular - This offbeat WB series from Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy concluded with series star Brooke (Leslie Bibb) being intentionally run over by a car, courtesy of her former best friend Nicole. Now and Again - In this underrated one-season gem all the way back from the year 2000, we were left with a huge cliffhanger: the EggMan escaped from prison and Michael Wiseman (Eric Close, in a pre- Without a Trace role) returned to his family under strict orders not to, at which point scary men with guns were sent after them... John Doe - I forgot about this series (starring a pre- Prison Break Dominic Purcell) which was just mentioned in a Kyle XY thread. Doe, which starred Purcell as a man much like Kyle, who awoke naked and imbued with endless knowledge, concluded on a massive cliffhanger. John Doe (Purcell) finally learned the identity of the season's big bad and head of the evil Phoenix Organization - his best friend Digger! So...which cliffhanging series ending has left you the most infuriated?