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a Whole year

I don't think i can wait a whole year does anyone else agree?

they need to bring back nick and claudia/jenny!

i've been continuing to watch hoping they bring back nick and claudia, i have to say i'm not very excited to watch when they took nick off, its totally lame and i'll probably finish the season but after that if nick doesn't come back i'm moving on. its not that the show isnt good and maybe if i started watching in the 3rd season i would still watch but i just keep waiting for them to get him back in whatever way they can come up with and thats not entertaining for me.

Freakingly Fabulous!!!

Oh boy, talk about an intense episode!!! You know I thought this series was fabulous before, but it seems that with every episode it just gets better and better. As I watched this episode I had several, "Don't go in there!!" moments and a few where I actually just covered my eyes up and thought, "Okay, this is it! They're all gonna die." I know, I know I'm a bit dramatic, but then again that's what Primeval has done to me. I mean my imagination has always been extremely vivid, helped out, no doubt by my brother, writer Estewolf and the stories that my grandfathers used to tell. I always felt like I had a movie screen in my head as I sat at their feet and listened to their colorful stories. Primeval reminds of the times that I sat listening to their stories only in true blue very loud stereo. This series doesn't just take my mind to a different and totally new place, it takes my emotions along for the ride as well. Sometimes I feel like Primeval is a living entity in that it grabs me and literally drags me along on each of the team's adventures. I'm not sure how many of you have watched this episode yet, so I'm not going to leave any spoilers, (you have no idea how badly I want to), but I will tell you that you better hold on to your hats because the pace that this episode sets will totally blow you away. Now watch and enjoy and hopefully you won't be visited by monsters while you sleep tonight!!!

Can It Get Any Better?

I started watching this with a kind blah attitude thinking to myself, "just how good can THIS episode be!" I mean first Nick Cutter dies (I'm still crying over that), then Jenny decides that she just can't handle the stress of the job and leaves! So okay, I must admit that when I began watching this episode I had already decided that I wasn't going to allow myself to like or enjoy it, but it caught me unawares and forced me (yes it had a life of its own!), to not only enjoy it, but to scream in fear and I even brought my arms up several times to protect my face. The action was so hard and fast that it had my heart pounding and for just a few minutes (40 or so), I thought I was going to have a major coronary!!! Yes, it was that exciting and I must tell you that by the time it was over I had to admit glorious defeat. So while I'll miss two of my favorite characters I cannot tell a lie, it is just as good without Cutter and Jenny and I will definitely continue to watch this series. So if you're feeling like there's nothing good on tv to watch and you need some extra excitement in your life, sign in to sidereel.com and watch an exciting episode of what I consider to be one of the best sci-fi series available today.

Oh For Goodness Sakes!!! Not Her Too?

Okay, I didn't actually see this coming, but I guess I should have known once they acquired another female on the show. Anyway, for those of you who haven't watched this I won't say another word cuz I don't want to post a spoiler. On the other hand I would like to say that this episode was the most intense so far. I was actually at the edge of my seat and I even caught myself once or twice screaming, "Don't go in there!!!" Yes, it may sound a bit dramatic, but then again it was dramatic, tense and intense and on occasion I actually felt the way I do when I watch zombie movies, but I won't go into that right now. If you want drama, tension and just pure enjoyment in a sci-fi series, watch Primeval. You won't be let down.

Primeval Awesome?

Yes, I totally agree that Primeval is totally awesome, but I must admit to having Nick Cutter withdrawal and I'm seriously thinking of joining Nick Cutter's Anonymous. However, inspite of missing Cutter horribly I find that I cannot ignore this series. I'm drawn to it, the story and the characters. Thanks so much to whomever brought this fabulous series our way!!! BTW way, what channel is this on? I can only catch it on sidereel and I'd like to watch it on my own telly.

No!! Not Nick Cutter!!!

Please just tell me that Nick Cutter's death is a temporary thing. Maybe a Nick Cutter from another dimension or something else will be coming back, because Primeval is not Primeval without the dashing Nick Cutter. This was an excellent episode. It was funny, tense and touching all in one. Now if someone could just get rid of the wife. Or is it ex-wife? Anyway, this sci-fi series is a really great add to BBCAmerica's lineup. They really know how to make sci-fi more exciting.

Episode 3.01: Connor & Side-Boob

Did everyone else see Connor grab some serious side-boob 22 minutes in? How bold of him. And uncharacteristic. I wonder if that was the actor's random lusty action or if it was written into the script.

We need Ep 6

I can't watch episode 7 without watching episode 6 first. I'm starting to wish I just watched it on TV


What happened to episode 6, it isn't working anymore. Someone please fix it, and thanks, cause in New York you don't get cool shows like this.