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No Episode this week?

i was just looking at my tv schedule and it said no privileged today

Is 90210 getting good? Is Privileged not that great?

The answer to both the questions is: Yes. Well, kind of. When 90210 started I wasn't too happy. But I still watched it, mainly because it's a teen drama. Unless it's The Secret Life Of An American Teenager or something that bad, I'll keep watching any teen drama they throw my way. Anyway, my point is I didn't give up on 90210. Sure, it has it's not-so-good moments and has a teen cliche thrown around once in a while, but it's fun to watch the show, specially in the past few weeks. Now, I'm not saying it should get an Emmy for the Best Drama series but it's not as bad as people say, at least not anymore. The other new teen drama, Privileged, is good, but now........... continue reading

The easy way out

I know, that I'm already one episode late but I can't get this off my mind. Don't you agree, that the writers took the easy way out of the Megan-Jacob-Relationship. I mean first he's so into her and they are all cute and serious with each other and then he cheats on her with his Ex. Come on, that is a really lame story twist. I really liked Jacob and the whole cheating thing didn't fit with his character. I suppose the actor wanted out of the series or something, but still don't like how it turned out! What do you think?

Hate Lily!

I hate Lily and Will. Will keeps siding with Lily and Lily is an ungrateful thief and liar.


i know for my own personal reasons i'm all for Will. What's with this unofficial movie or tv rule that all female and male bestfriends are meant to be? Go for the hot one Will, and for ONCE not freaking fall for the best guy friend in the end. There is such thing as FRIENDSHIP! WHO are you routing for?

Sexy Boy?

So personally I've never really understood the whole fascination with Nate from Gossip Girl, never finding him particularly attractive--just okay, really, the boy next door, more like. And, naturally, that spurred on a whole different internal conflict as I contemplated the obsession with the boy who really shouldn't take his shirt off which led me to my question: which current CW boy, regular characters only, gives your heart palpitations? Choices: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Will of Privileged, Ethan [90210], Navid [90210] personally, my vote goes to dean...

Tonight's Premieres: What will you be watching?

In case you haven't heard the massive amount of hype, J.J. Abrams' new series, Fringe premieres tonight on Fox at 8/7c! This will be an hour and 1/2 premiere, then next week it'll move to its timeslot of 9/8c for hour-long episodes (airing after the return of House - hooray!) Check out all the buzz in SideReel's Fringe News ! Also, really now if you haven't heard much about it, tonight kicks of The CW 's new show, Privileged at 9/8c. Check out the new series: Preview The CW's Privileged ! With these newbies taking the stage, what will you be watching tonight? Fringe Privileged 90210 The Shield Greek The Secret Life of The American Teenager Photo courtesy of imageshack.us