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i love this show...and i am only up to season 1 episode 3. Just gotta say that was the funniest line when Lassador(sp?) says "i will throw every book i can find at you" and then shawn goes "what if you find the bible, are you gonna throw that at me to? Seems a little sacrilegious to me don't ya think" lol funny. has anyone watched that new show with simon baker? I think it's called the mentalist? I have only seen the ads but it looks like a non-funny version of this. What do you think?


urghh... am i the only person that sees the connection between ace ventura (the character played by jim carey) n shawn in psych?? shawn so totally acts like ace ventura!! i've jus started watchin it a few days ago (n i've gotta say i'm pretty hooked) and it's been niggling at the back of my head until it just hit me!! it's even more obvious in season 1's 7th episode! it's buggin me a lil :(

on hiatus?!!!!!

why does it say here on psychs main page here on sidereel that psych is on hiatus? what happened? i've got to find out about this...... can someone tell me whats going on? please? kinda desperate here....

Uh...Where's episode 7?

im basically a little mystified. i was all psyched to watch psych, then i log in and its nowhere to be seen! help!

doesnt this show already exist?

I admit I haven't seen the show, or heard much of it (actually, hadn't heard anything about it till just now - but isn't this almost the exact same story line as that of Psych? Ok, so the guy admits he's not psychic, but thats the only difference I can see from the synopsis.

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acting, writing or plot?

james is a good actor thats a given, in dukes of hazard he's great but do you, the viewer, think that this is due to the writing? or perhaps the plot is a solid foundation and without this the whole show would fail? to anyone who has watched the show: do you think that its the plot,the writing or the acting that makes this show?

Cybill Shepherd to Play Shawn's Mom

Did you guys see Cybill Shepherd will be playing Shawn's mom this season? I think is an awesome casting choice. She transitions really well between film and television, and she has been doing comedy for years. It's really going to add a lot to the show this season, I think.


this is a good site and show but put the language that the show is in next to the link like spanish german etc so it would be easier to find the right clip for the right language alot of them are spanish/german but u dont know that till u start watchin so put some kind of language indicator next to each link