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'Psych' series finale: James Roday says 'The Mentalist' will 'keep us in the zeitgeist'

In an upscale chain restaurant on a busy road in Manhattan Beach, Calif., not far from the production offices of the USA Network comedy-drama "Psych," and roughly 1,286 miles from the show's filming location in Vancouver, Canada, star James Roday and series executive producer Steve Franks get together for lunch with Zap2it to discuss not staying too long at the party."For a lot of people," quips Franks, "our second episode was too long at the party."Obviously not for everyone, because the show airs it eighth-season, and series finale on Wednesday, March 26, followed by the "Psych After Show," a one-hour special hosted by Kevin Pereira ("Attack of the Show") and featuring a Q&A with the cast and Franks, in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles.For those who need to go do some binge viewing in a hurry, "Psych" features Roday (today sporting a full beard that's about a half-inch short of edging... //

'Psych' Series Finale Teasers: An Ending That Will Leave Psych-Os Satisfied

It's time to get your tissues ready, Psych-Os! Tonight Shawn and Gus will bid farewell after eight seasons of Psych and, as expected, the final episode will serve as a huge nostalgic tribute to fans, much like the rest of season 8.    Warning: This article may contain spoilers.   //

Psych Stars and Creator Say Goodbye and Leave the Door Open for a Possible Movie

  In the past few years, TV shows have made an event of saying goodbye. Following in the footsteps of the heavily promoted final season of Lost , it's become customary for series ranging from serialized sci-fi ( Fringe ) to long-running half-hour comedies ( How I Met Your Mother ) to give their loyal followers a heads-up that the end is nigh. So what took Psych so long to confirm that Season 8 would be its last? "It's no great mystery now that we knew we were making the...   //

'Psych' series finale: It was 'always about' the Shawn and Gus bromance

When USA's detective series "Psych" closes up shop after eight seasons on Wednesday, Mar. 26, one of TV's most enduring best-friend relationships disappears with it.In a TV landscape littered with human interactions that are confrontational, violent, sexual or all of the above, stories focusing on true platonic friendship are increasingly rare. And even where they exist, people often feel the need to embellish, as if calling a strong, loyal friendship a "bromance" somehow makes it more interesting.In "Psych," faux-psychic investigator Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his faithful partner, pharmaceutical representative Burton "Gus" Guster (Dule Hill), have been friends since boyhood."What gave us a lot of the latitude that we had," says Roday, sitting at lunch with Zap2it, in the company of series creator Steve Franks, "was the seed of childhood best friends. It's one of the purest, most enduring relationships that you'll have in your life, when you have a friend that you've known from... //

'Psych's' James Roday goodbye message to fans: 'You've been our foundation'

brightcove.createExperiences(); As part of the "Psych" send-off on USA, as it draws its eighth and final season to a close, the stars each picked their favorite episode and those six episodes aired Friday (March 21) as a marathon. Each episode was introduced by the star that chose it, offering a goodbye message to fans.Zap2it has star James Roday's goodbye message to fans debuting online here exclusively. Roday says, "To the best fans that any show could ever hope to have: You've been our foundation, you've been our backbone. Because of you we've had the confidence to grow, to be more ambitious, to swing bigger. We've done this together every step of the way and you should all feel just as integral to the process as we were because we did it together. And you're also good-looking. You're so good-looking. So, thank you."Roday's favorite episode is, of course, "Dual Spires," the "Twin Peaks" homage he... //

Watch 'Psych's' Timothy Omundson's goodbye message to fans

brightcove.createExperiences(); As part of the "Psych" send-off on USA, as it draws its eighth and final season to a close, the stars each picked their favorite episode and those six episodes aired Friday (March 21) as a marathon. Each episode was introduced by the star that chose it, offering a goodbye message to fans.Zap2it has star Timothy Omundson's goodbye message to fans debuting online here exclusively, wherein he says, "Hello 'Psych'-Os and sub-'Psych'-Os and 'Psych'-Os yet to be. Eight years you've been with us -- you're the reason we're here, you're the reason we've been here for eight years and I cannot thank you enough. Let's let it live on, shall we? Keep watching. Thank you."Omundson's favorite episode is "Last Night Gus." The final episode of "Psych" airs Wednesday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the live "Psych After Pshow" on USA.... //

'Psych' Series Finale Airs Next Week on USA

Next week, take a break from your basketball brackets as we bid farewell to the beloved comedy series, PSYCH, with our supersized series finale.  Read More... //

'Psych's' Martin Sheen 'cameo' was one of Dule Hill's season highlights

"West Wing" fans got a treat during "Psych's" penultimate episode, "A Nightmare on State Street," when Gus (Dulé Hill ) found himself in a series of nightmares and in one, actor Martin Sheen made a "cameo" as Gus' dad, in photo form. Sheen and Hill starred for seven seasons on "The West Wing," with Sheen playing Hill's de facto father figure, so it was a fun joke for fans. Hill tells Zap2it that over the eight years of "Psych," he always wanted his former co-star to appear on their show but they could never make it work."I wanted to actually get Martin Sheen's physical form in the show, but the fact that we can get a picture of Martin Sheen and me calling him papa was one of the highlights of the season," says Hill. "Throughout the years we tried to get him on and the schedule could never really work it out.""Psych" bows next... //

'Psych': Bruce Campbell and Dule Hill say 'Nightmare on State Street' has too many horror references to count

"Psych's" penultimate episode, "A Nightmare on State Street," is in line with all of the USA comedy's best scary episodes, like "Mr. Yin Presents" and "Tuesday the 17th." In fact, it's full of more horror movie homages and references than one can count.One of the biggest homages is the casting of horror movie legend Bruce Campbell ("Evil Dead," "Army of Darkness") as Dr. Ashford Simpson -- a "full-of-c*** dream therapist," Campbell tells Zap2it -- whom Campbell, as a "Burn Notice" alum, was excited to play for his fellow USA show."I was like, 'Where do I sign?'" says Campbell. "I ran into [stars Dulé Hill and James Roday] at all these events because I was on 'Burn Notice' and they were on 'Psych,' and actors always say, 'Let's work together,' but I actually watch their show, I love it. The tone is like nothing else. I love the humor of it and those guys are so... //

James Roday, Dule Hill and Steve Franks Look Back on ‘Psych’ Before the Series Finale

After countless homages, pineapples and creative pseudonyms for Gus,  Psych  is closing its doors tonight, Wednesday, March 26th at 9pm on USA (followed by an after-show at 10:07pm). Stars James Roday and Dule Hill, along with  Psych  creator Steve Franks recently took part in a conference call to discuss their memories of the past eight seasons and to show their appreciation for all the  Psych -O’s who helped make the series a success.  TV Equals  joined in the call, and we have one last scoop of Psych  goodness to offer up as a result. Check out the highlights from the interview below, then get ready to see how it all ends in “The Break-Up.” Read More... //