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Psych “The Tao of Gus” Season 6 Episode 8

Psych  "The Tao of Gus" Season 6 Episode 8 airs Wednesday  December 7 at 9 pm on USA. Episode Synopsis:  After a woman tells the SBPD she witnessed a murder happen in broad daylight , Shawn and Gus are the only ones who believe her and therefore protect her by hiding her at a remote commune called Box Canyon Ranch, a place whose inhabitants label themselves as progressive intellectuals. Diedrich Bader and Diora Baird guest star in "The Tao of Gus," premiering Wednesday at 10/9C! Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/12/07/psych-the-tao-of-gus-season-6-episode-8/

'Psych's' 'The Tao of Gus' sneak peek: Gus gets some action

There are only two episodes left before "Psych" goes on hiatus and they look to have some of the good old-fashioned Gus and Shawn shenanigans in store. In "The Tao of Gus," a woman, Nicole (Diora Baird), claims to have witnessed a murder. Naturally, only Shawn and Gus believe her and to keep her safe, they stash her at a remote hippie commune called the Box Canyon Ranch.Diedrich Bader also guest stars as the head of the commune, Eli. Zap2it has an exclusive sneak peek above, where Shawn and Gus are trying to get the "granola chick" to remember exactly what she saw. But is someone trying to keep her quiet by running her down?And in the other two clips below, we meet Eli - Bader is a delightful hippie leader - and Shawn and Gus try to stash Nicole at Juliet's house after the car incident. It's nice to see Gus have a... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/12/psychs-the-tao-of-gus-sneak-peek-gus-gets-some-action.html

Psych Episode Teaser: "The Tao of Gus"

Psych has set the bar very high for itself. How do you follow up, after all, a guest appearance by William Shatner ? The USA hit will attempt to do next Wednesday via an episode titled "The Tao of Gus," as Shawn and Gus head to a remote commune in order to look into a murder that the witness swears took place in broad daylight. Watch the official promo for this installment below, and take note of the website quoted in the opening few seconds. We're more than TV Fanatics, as you can see. We're full-on Psychos... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/12/psych-episode-teaser-the-tao-of-gus/