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Season 2007


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  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s2007e1207In Focus: Haiti
    • s2007e1105In Focus: Youth Voices On Iraq
    • s2007e1026In Focus: Peru
    • s2007e1024In Focus: Reporting Iraq
    • s2007e1014In Focus- Inside Iraq: Dangerous Allies
    • s2007e928In Focus: Restaveks, Child Slaves Of Haiti
    • s2007e907David Enders On Foreign Exchange With Fareed Zakaria
    • s2007e823Scars And Stripes:liberian Youth After The War
    • s2007e803In Focus: Tradition Vs. Tourism In Ladakh
    • s2007e723Colombia: On The Rio Tapaje
    • s2007e716In Focus: Hope For Lwala
    • s2007e702Bringing The World To The Classroom
    • s2007e621What Is News?
    • s2007e618In Focus: A Story Of People In War And Peace (excerpt)
    • s2007e606In Focus Vietnam: War
    • s2007e525Rebuilding Hope: Pre-trip Thoughts From Former
    • s2007e516Reporter Stephanie Hanes Interviewed On Wjztv
    • s2007e505B-52 Crash Site Hanoi
    • s2007e504Agent Orange Dr. Rapoport
    • s2007e430Hanoi Victim
    • s2007e423In Focus: Paradise Lost...and Found?
    • s2007e306In Focus: American Teens, Rwandan Truths
    • s2007e222Icfj_pulitzer Center Workshop
    • s2007e126In Focus Darfur: Our Choice Too
    • s2007e124In Focus Rwanda: Loss Of Trees, Loss Of Life