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'Ray Donovan': Liev Schreiber Talks Season 5 and Latest Emmy Nom

"What I want for Ray is not really what is conducive for a television show. I want peace for Ray!" the Emmy-nominated star tells THR.   ...Read More... //

Ray Donovan Promo: Did Abby's Cancer Return?

Ray Donovan is proving to be an exciting watch during Season 5. The biggest questions surround how Abby died, and it looks like Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 3 will shed some more light on what happened to the matriarch of the family. In a blink and you'll miss it moment, Abby can be seen with thinning hair and looking a little worse for wear. Considering her cancer diagnosis on Ray Donovan Season 4 , is it fair to assume that it has returned?   ...Read More....

Ray Donovan Clip: Did Terry Cause Abby's Death?

With the bat$hit crazy reveal that Abby Donovan is dead, the rest of the season will be about piecing together the clues to figure out the truth. On Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 2 , the show will continue to take place in two timelines. The timeline set in the past will find Abby and Ray on their way to Las Vegas to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but a call from Terry changes everything. Terry pleads with his brother to stop off at a "whorehouse" in Nevada on his travels because something has gone seriously wrong.  ...Read More...

‘Ray Donovan’ Season 5: [Spoiler] Is Dead; What Happens Now?

There are some certainties when it comes to Ray Donovan. Ray (Liev Schreiber) is probably going to be stressed and repressed (mostly about the past). Mick (Jon Voight) is going to be cooking up some new scheme. Terry (Eddie Marsan) is going to be involved in a crisis with his health and his love life. Bunchy (Dash Mihok) is going to be trying to find himself. Darryl (Pooch Hall) is there as support, but rarely attempts his own ventures. The more things change, the more things stay the same with the Donovan clan, and in many ways it’s one of the reasons that — five seasons in — we’re still watching. Like in the way the family relies on one another, we can rely on the show to bring us certain formulas and character behaviors. READ MORE...

Ray Donovan Promo: How Did Abby Really Die?!?

Abby may be dead, but that does not mean she won't continue to be a huge presence on the show. On the official teaser for Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 2 , we get to see that Ray and Abby's 21st wedding anniversary is thrown into jeopardy when Ray receives a call from Terry. This looks set to touch on the events in Nevada that were teased on Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 1 when Maureen's brother revealed that he was telling his sister about what happened in Nevada. Considering the way Terry reacted, something bad happened, and we still have no idea what it was. On this show, a murder, or two would be surprising. ...Read More...

Paula Malcomson On Her Big Episode of Ray Donovan and Why She Wouldn't Take a Role Like Abby Today

It has been a boys club for so, so long.   ...Read More... //

Ray Donovan Boss Explains That 'Painful' Premiere Twist: 'I Didn't Personally Want to Do It'

The following story contains gargantuan spoilers from Ray Donovans fifth-season premiere proceed at your own peril. Ray Donovan kicked off its fifth season on Sunday with a twist that was as game-changey as it was heartbreaking:Abby is no longer among the living. Early into the time-tripping episode, it was revealed thatPaula Malcomsons cancer-battling matriarch [] //

Liev Schreiber loves the sparkle Susan Sarandon brings to Ray Donovan

Down under a freeway overpass in LAs Frogtown neighborhood, a production crew has set up shop for a Ray Donovan location shoot. Although the Showtime series regularly traffics between the high life (Beverly Hills mansions) and the low life (various seedy motels), this dirty space seems like a new low. On one side of the...  ...Read More... //

Ray Donovan Returns With a Big Shocker, and a Nod to Its Dark Comedic Roots

  [ Warning : Mild spoilers about Season 5 of Ray Donovan ahead. ] In past seasons, Ray Donovan had dark comedic elements that made the family crime drama somewhat unique in the ways it balanced lightness with its heaviness. While the Showtime series never has and never will be LOL funny -- especially  ...Read More... ...   //

Liev Schreiber Teases Roller Coaster Season 5 Of Ray Donovan After Emmy Nom

Liev Schreiber today picked up his third Emmy nomination for Lead Actor in a Drama series for Showtime s Ray Donovan , ahead of the debut of its fifth season, which Schreiber calls really intense which definitely is saying something. Its probably the toughest season Ive ever shot, said Schreiber, who also earned an Outstanding Narrator nom this morning for HBOs documentary Muhammad Ali: Only One . Without giving away too much, Schreiber hinted that the upcoming   ...Read More... //