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Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #13 - Review

Rio: Rainbow Gate has built up decent in the last couple of episodes towards this final match between Rina and Rio as they determine who will get all the gate cards that currently exist. There's been some personal struggles to get to this point and Rio has ended up losing a fair bit along the way when it comes to the game itself, especially as it opens with Rina having fourteen wins so far. It's amusing to see how cool and collected Rio is while Howard is off in the audience sweating up enough for a couple dozen people with how he feels. Rio's the kind of player that always has an angle, and she's made it past the internal debates she was having with herself prior to this match, which allows he to be as collected as she is. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-13_article_129322.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #12 - Review

Taking on the feel of something much bigger than we've seen, on the scale of countries signing peace treaties and other documents, one has now been signed that will put Rio and Rina together in a match that has drawn all sorts of international attention. It's kind of amusing that it's gone to this level of interest around the world as Howard works his particular magic to try and get his resort back, and then takes all the girls off on a vacation to someplace warm where the sun is bright and the clothes are minimal. Howard's efforts aren't entirely noble of course since he wants to get things back to the way they were, but there is the added bonus of lots of very pretty girls in skimpy outfits walking around for awhile. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-12_article_129175.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #11 - Review

There's something to be said about a group of lucky ladies heading into a casino, all dolled up and looking great, scoring huge wins very easily and doing it with style. Having the sizable group of women that the series has brought toether so far coming to Cartia's resort and casino and working through the floor with their various games of choice is a fun opening moment, especially after the show has been so focused on darker and more emotional issues for the last few episodes. Having them riding through the casino on a cart filled with buckets and buckets of money is certainly humorous and reminds you of the charm of the characters and the show itself from early on. With their intent on taking the winnings and buying back pieces of what was lost, they're making some good progress here and enjoying every minute of it. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-11_article_128974.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #10 - Review

Rio finds itself in a bit of a strange place as a trio of the characters, Rio, Howard and the recently introduced Dana, end on Howard Island which is being controlled by the Joker. It's a quiet and interesting place in itself since it focuses just on those who belong there as it's empty otherwise. The introduction of the roll ruler is something that goes a long way towards explaining the power of luck that Rio has as it's something that is, according to Joker, essentially a form of mind control that allows the dealer to grant the ability to win to the participant. Joker wants to see Rio's roll ruler and is intent on playing against her in a game of black jack with Howard as the dealer. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-10_article_128884.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #09 - Review

After the previous episode with how things played out against Cartia and the loss of the Howard Resorts, life has taken an unusual turn for those that live and work there. Rio has holed herself up and taking all the blame for things and has essentially gotten very withdrawn from the world. Howard himself is working up all the legal angles he can, at least in the background, since he's spending his time fishing with a few others outside and looking rather longingly at his old resort. The girls in general are a bit somber about things but they're doing the best to carry on while being concerned for Rio. Rio for her part is trying to come out of things with a little help from the kids who are trying to cheer her up and get her back on track. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-09_article_128783.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #08 - Review

Cartia's attempts at screwing over Howard with his resorts and the like has a decidedly personal tone to it. Her way of pushing Rio further and further along as she's being strained by the various battles makes sense but it lacks the common civility of the earlier matches we saw. With this one, Cartia makes it even more personal after capturing Rina, knocking her unconscious and bolting her down to a game table where Rio gets to do a coin toss gate battle with Cartia's chosen opponent for her. It's simple and almost comical in a sense, but there are the continued dark undertones from Rio's past the surfaces in the midst of it that makes it all very important to her beyond the obvious things we see. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-08_article_128625.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #07 - Review

Rio's gate battle in the previous episode, while not terribly exciting overall, is certainly something that can cause a drain on a person. It's a very active event and it's got her fairly worn down afterwards. Rio's the type to keep going at it though since she has so many people she wants to protect at the resort, friends and family alike, even at the physical and mental cost to herself. Those around her understand this as well which is why they get rather furious with Cartia for pushing a second gate battle so quickly in her efforts to acquire the Howard Resort and all that it has. The girls, and Howard, are all fairly helpless at this point to do all that much to stop it. The Sky Resort so far hasn't introduced much that I've cared for, compared to the more traditional (mostly) Howard Resort that the first episodes showed. Some of those games were certainly wacky, but here it goes in an even stranger direction, from the virtual game in the previous episode to the larger jumping/flying game that we get at the start here. The shift away from the more traditional gambling aspects have reduced interest a bit as well since I found all of that to be a lot of fun. Still, there's something to be said for the creativity of the matches at times and having Rio and Queen dressed up as different creatures, Rio as a flying squirrel of all things, going at it in the air does have its moments. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-07_article_128472.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #06 - Review

As Rio has progressed, we've seen a few gate battles so far and they've been fun to mildly interesting at best since a lot depends on who all is involved and the level of the bet. With the sixth episode of Rio, Cartia is making her play to really build up her casino empire that's in competition with the Howard Resort by challenging him to a gate battle with his resort as the collateral for it. It's a risky bet to be sure, which makes it potentially all the more exciting, and Howard looks at it as a way to really promote the Sky Resort with something as big as this. It's all a challenge designed to stick it to Howard but also to get a shot at Rio since she's gaining in stature even more after the recent gate battles and her card acquisitions. The match has an interesting angle to it in that Cartia has her player, someone named Jack, who will go against Rio and she doesn't get to know what he looks like or who he really is until the match itself. It's a nice bit of psychological pressure since she can't be certain who all is watching her at any point that may be playing games with her mind prior to it. Thankfully, she does get help from her friends, Rina in particular who reinforces their childhood friendship, while Mint thinks she has a clue who Jack may be as she follows a man in a purple kimono that strikes her as odd. It's too obvious, which is why the person she runs into in the middle of this little adventure turns out to be the real Jack that Rio will go up against. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-06_article_128296.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #05 - Review

If there's a resort that's not having economic difficulties, it's the Howard Resort which seems to be able to whip up all kinds of elaborate games for people to participate in on a whim as well as opening a brand new Sky Resort that's essentially a pyramid that's adjacent to the existing resort and casino. The place certainly must be flush with money and the area around it as well as the whole thing is quite the modern marvel with its design, colors and architectural beauty. It's easy to see why so many people would willingly work there. Of course, the girls find themselves involved with the events of getting the Sky Resort open which means heading over to check it out and meeting new people that will be working there. Having spent my fair share of time in casinos, there's definitely a lot to like here with the elaborate locales and all that's involved in it. It's big in just the right way, with some added bonuses that come from being an anime, and the girls get quite the introduction to it with a virtual reality room as well that shows off a lot of different possibilities for the area. The whole tour gets done via the Sky Resort dealer we're introduced to, Linda, who has quite an island native flair about her. She's also got something of a superior attitude in showing off 'her place' to Rio and the others, but she's able to back it up with her strength and overall sense of confidence. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-05_article_128127.html

Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #04 - Review

The Howard Resort certainly knows how to hire its dealers as the arrival of Rina brings a bit more of a buxom hourglass beauty to the show. With the show being more aimed at guys, which means we get hardly anything with male dealers, building up the harem-style cast without any actual male lead to focus on is actually a welcome little trick. The focus on Rio and her life as an expert deal with seemingly goddess like abilities, and the proof to back it up with the special cards that she has, allows things to have a very different feeling. The show continues to have a sense of fun about it and the addition of more characters has not harmed it so far. With Rio and Rina being childhood friends that have been separated for awhile, putting them together as Rina gets acquainted with the place works nicely as we can see there's not exactly tension or jealousy between them, but a little sense of unease from Rio's part because of the way Rina talks and nudges things in certain directions. It's all pleasant and friendly, but it has a little undercurrent of distrust in there as well. The show does play things up a bit as it progresses in the first half with a gambler that tries to challenge Rio, which lets Rina get a look at how Rio operates but also the general nature of the Resort. It's sadly a bit over the top, similar to what we saw previously with the dealer that came to challenge Rio, so it's not all that surprising. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-04_article_127940.html