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Heres to the ending

SPOILERS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It was a great show historical inaccuracies and all, but I think its best it ends there, after Mairan died it only had so long, they couldn't just replace her with Kate. I like the fact that they left them still fighting but if you let it carry on its just going to be miliking every drop out of it until its completely destroyed. Have a Spin Off maybe but Robin Hood is dead let him rest in peace. I liked the fact that The King never made it home and that was the only way that this was going to have a happy ending and i know their a bit loose with their history but even they have to realise it didn't go that way. Sadly there was never a lord Much. I was glad they never got too much into the Kate Robin love match, it was sweet and she was a good character, but come on Robin Hood and Maid ... Kate?

Final Episode---- Spoilers!

SPOILERS WHAT THE HECK???? I mean, I was upset that Alan was confirmed dead, but COME ON! We just got the Sheriff back, and BOOM! dead. Guy? Dead. Robin? Dead. That's 4 people in one episode confirmed dead that have been there since the beginning of Series 1. They obviously set up the ending for the show to be able to go on if they get funding, etc, but seriously. I'm angry! After they killed off Marian at the end of last season, I vowed I would never watch the show again because of all the heartache that caused me... and here I am, heartaches galore. 4 of the very best characters, GONE. That leaves only 2 of the originals: Little John and Much. Unless you're Dr. Who, you can't continue a show without most of the original cast. I kind of saw Robin's death coming, but Alan, the Sheriff, and Guy too? Who else is fuming over this outrage? I'm so disgusted.

Will Robin Hood go on?

How in the hell can they kill the maincaracter, I mean the show is about Robin Hood it's called Robin Hood so how can they kill Robin Hood. Every caracter who was a bit intresting is now killed, gone, left. There is nothing back. I was completly bored under the final i wasn't supprised, its been nothing but boring the hole season, ive just been waiting for Marian to return. I heard she was going to be in the finally and guessed how she would interwiere and i was right. Now with the show more boring and unintresting as ever with almost nothing to work with, WILL Robin Hood go on?

The sheriff

Don't read unless you've seen the end of Something Worth Fighting For (Part 1). Unless you don't care to be spoiled then go right ahead. *** ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *Anyways.... Who thought it was pretty much obvious that there was no way that we would have been able to get rid of the sheriff that easy? I mean seriously he got shanked in the stomach, thats no biggy. I got shanked three times the other day only put me out for about an hour or two. Anywho... Kieth Allan's name was back in the title sequence (another big hint he's still alive) and in the summary here on Sidereel it said something like "but who's really behind the evil coming to Nottingham?" Um... who is ussually behind the evil in Nottingham I mean come on, I knew that we were going to see him again the moment his hand moved in episode six when the gaurds were carting him away...

Spoiler discussion

******************** ******************** Spoiler Header ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** ******************** OMG... is allan really dead? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... i can't believe it...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT...i'm still hoping that he just drank some potion and will be fine...but i know that this would make no sense at all. OH MY GOD! he's been there since the first episode and i just wasn't prepared for him to die. i was so shocked i couldn't even cry. the episodes are getting better by the week...but...omg...no no no... why did he have to die...no no no... please let him SOMEHOW come back!!! (even though i think they showed him with his eyes open to really show us that he's dead...)

3x10 archer=the new hood?

i have to say that i really liked this episode. it added a lot of depth to robin's and guy's character and i like the fact that they'll have to unite to save their brother. but what do we have here? a new hood? a replacement for armstrong as main character, anyone? we will have to wait for the next episode to see weather archer can pull it off and of he is charismatic enough to play a leading role. but i bet that's how the writers plan to deal with armstrong's exit. as for us girls: the preview definitely showed that there's a new hottie in town with little hood ;) even though i would hate to see armstrong leave (he's just great as robin) it's always interesting how they try to keep up a series and it's standards after such a huge departure. i'm still hoping that he might change his mind though and stay... but still, after all the mistakes they made with marian's death, will and djag's exit etc. this new storyline definitely caught my attention and i'm curious what'll happen next.

My Personal Idea.

Below is my idea for a really cool episode. I came up with this some time between my first and fifth period classes after seeing a little bit in my history book. Enjoy. As for my amazing idea for an episode!!!! You know clay scupltors? There are amazing clay sculptors of all sorts of things and they look insanely realistic. Ok... Open. A cart is rolling through Nottingham. It comes up to the castle and the man driving it requests an audience with "Sheriff Guy". haha. A guard informs Guy that a man is there claiming to have killed Robin Hood. The man is brought into a room where he sets a covered platter before Guy. Guy opens it and there sitting on the platter is what appears to be Robin's head. The man demands that he get his reward, though Guy is in shock to see the head before him, he does not get near it. Prince John is absolutly extatic. He presents the head to a crowd outside the castle with pride and rewards both the man who had brought it in and Guy. Guy tries to make the man leave but the Prince insists that he stay. Both Allan and Much are in the crowd when Robin's head is presented. They charge back into the forest. Robin is no where to be found when they arive at the camp. Much freaks to Tuck and Little John. Kate joins them and says that she hadn't seen Robin since that morning. They come to a general conclusion that Robin is dead, still Tuck thinks that somethings not right. He wants to see the head for himself. It is on a stake outside the castle, looking just as realistic as before. Upon returning to the forest for a second time they are followed in only a few minutes later by Robin. Instinctivly, they knock him out and tie him up. None of them believe his claim to really be Robin, not until he says something that only Much, Little John, and Allan understand and it convinces them that he's real. They are all extremely confused and need to find out who's head is actually on the stake outside Nottingham. However it is gone when they get back to the castle. The man who had brought it was before Prince John requesting his leave, suspiciously, or so Guy thinks. Prince John brushes it off "After all, he's given me what I want." Somehow Robin and the gang cause unrest and Robin reveals himself to Guy and the prince, the latter is scared out of his wits and in trying to avoid an attack, kicks the platter sending Robin's "head" flying. It hits the ground between Robin and Guy, cracking open and revealing itself as well moulded clay. The man was not far away and Guy turns his anger and frustration on him. Robin and Little John pritect him. After getting out of the castle the man explains that he is the self-proclaimed most accomplished clay sculptor in England and heard about the price on Robin's head and couldn't resist. The man then gives Robin part of the reward and flees before there can be more fuss. Both Prince John and Guy are furious. TheEnd haha how u like?

Robin Hood Scoop for season 4

Hello So my friend's dad is Jonas Armstrong's (robin hood) agent. She says that there is a fifty fifty chance he's gonna leave the show in season 4 if they dont pay him enough.

When is Season 3 starting!?!?!?

I'm suffering from BBC Robin Hood withdrawl. From everything I have read the new season what supposed to have already started but I hav searched far and wide and came up with nothing except some pictures of Guy of Gisborne's new look (which I am completely distraught over by the way). If someone anyone could tell me WHEN the new season starts whether its on BBC or BBC America, I don't care I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know! please and thank you!

When is it coming back???????

It's already March and still no return of Robin Hood. Does that mean BBC canceled it? I went to the homepage and they are no longer updating it. So if somebody could give me a definite answer that would be great.