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what happens now

if you watch the series from start to the end of the second season is which girl does Tsukune choose to be his girlfrined because at the end of the second season it ends like the last season they all fight over Tsukune even the other moka-san. The final view is all of them holding on to him execpt ruby who does like him. I just wish they make a lot more season and have new charters that are not just girls who like Tsukune and don't tell me that kokoa doesn't like Tsukune at all, watch the final episode of season 2 then tell me. I just wish that Tsukune would choose one of them to be his girlfriend

Anything like this?

This show is a very guilty pleasure of mine but I have just finished it and don't know what to do with myself. Is there a show like this I could watch?

good show

great show i really enjoyed this. and the perverts out there will probably like it too.... XD