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This show is pretty good, i'm on the fifth episode, but it's KILLING ME. IT IS SO FREAKING SLOW PACED. i can barely handle it. I don't know if its because i'm not a teenager and therefore find the angsty agonizing slowness of the show so brutal. I can barely handle the twilight movies but i even find them faster paced than this. It's like they had enough material for a half hour long show and decided they would add a lot of awkward silences and make shiri appleby speak extremely slowly in order to fill an hour. that being said, it's a cute show. i hope it picks up the pace. anyone else feel the same way?

Roswell The Movie

I know this is probably far fetched but I am a huge fan of the ROSWELL TV SERIES. By Jason Katims The thing is Roswell was such a huge hit for so many but FOX put a halt to that years ago. There are a lot of dedicated fans out there that have several websites, poles etc. that are hoping to either have a remake of the TV series or # 1 get a movie made. Does anyone out there know if this can or will ever happen or is it just a lost cause???????