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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #06 - Recap

After a strong episode featuring Albafica holding his own well against several of the Underworld's Specters, things took a more serious turn as Griffin Minos got into the fight and pushed back harder against him. There's a certain beauty to the fight, to be expected with the way he uses roses as his weapon of choice, and the animation really works it over well by giving it a very strong feeling and a sense of importance, if not epicness, simply because it is one of the first key public fights to occur. Letting Minos run wild in the first village outside of Sanctuary makes it clear just how far he intends to go as he brutalizes the place and its population with a wicked grin and a healthy dose of laughter. Read More... //www.mania.com/saint-seiya-lost-canvas-episode-06_article_129508.html

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #05 - Review

With the revelations fully made about who is who now that Alone has become Hades, the aura of darkness surrounding him is even more intense now as he takes pleasure in such simple things. For Tenma and Yato, the two of them have realized the truth of things after Yato has gone to the Underworld in order to rescue him and there's a definite sense of urgency about everything. Well, except for the time spent being silly about things in the midst of their run that really doesn't create a good impression for Yuzuriha as he gets to understand what these two are like. It's an odd moment that feels out of place in the show with its almost slapstick like comedy in the face of what they've learned, and how they have to escape from the Underworld. Read More... //www.mania.com/saint-seiya-lost-canvas-episode-05_article_129424.html

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #04 - Review

With Alone's transformation in the previous episode to Hades as his latest incarnation, life is definitely difficult for Athena. Being thrust into this position and having two people very close to her set into conflict like this strikes hard at her, as does the loss of any of the Saints that operate out of Sanctuary in her name. Discovering what happened to her brother and that of Tenma's death shows a very good side of her, as we see the emotions she does have, and allows the two Gold Saints who report to her to see it, but also to see how she does what is required and moves forward to deal with the threat. It humanizes her enough for them but also shows the spine that she has to deal with the issue at hand. Read More... //www.mania.com/saint-seiya-lost-canvas-episode-04_article_129148.html

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #03 - Review

With the first two episodes, we got a good look at the basics of the main arc that will follow as it introduced both Tenma and Alone and how their lives will go. With the third episode, events move quickly again as the Underworld warriors are already moving quickly towards their own goals, which has some of the Silver Saints heading to deal with them. While we've largely focused on the Gold Saints and what's entailed with them the Silver Saints are nothing to sniff at overall, but seeing them suffer here is brutal. To be turned from Athena and to become operatives of the Underworld for Hades, and be able to make it back to Athena to report to her before going on the offensive, it sets the stage for the kind of very personal power struggles that occur in the world of Saint Seiya. Read More... //www.mania.com/saint-seiya-lost-canvas-episode-03_article_129134.html

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #02 - Review

With the first episode focusing on how Tenma and Alone came together and then specifically on Alone himself, the second episode brings us a lot of material about Tenma. With him now at Sanctuary going through the training with many others to see who can become a Gold Saint, it's a great series of moments as we see the scale and grandeur of it all. Tenma has certainly made a name for himself and he's got a lot of others trying for the positions to be wary of him at the least and outright fear him as well. This causes quite a number of other people to want to take him down, figuring that they're the most powerful ones there and can handle it. That kind of confidence is certainly warranted and wanted, but it needs to be honed with a dose of reality and strategy as well. Read More... //www.mania.com/saint-seiya-lost-canvas-episode-02_article_128703.html

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #01 - Review

Saint Seiya hasn't had a whole lot of luck in the US before as we saw the original series released by ADV Films through a sublicense from DiC Entertainment, which put a badly edited and dubbed version out for TV broadcast. ADV Films released both the dual language uncut vesion as well as the dub only version, but thankfully I only saw the bilingual release. It wasn't an easy series to get into at first as it took quite a few episodes before it finally started to come together for me and turned into a really engaging and fun show to watch. Sadly, just as it was really reaching a strong point, the license didn't go any further and the whole thing wasn't profitable enough to continue on with and we've never seen any more of the original. And now Crunchyroll steps into the scene with the special Lost Canvas OVA series by hitting up the first thirteen episodes just before starting up the new ones. Read More... //www.mania.com/saint-seiya-lost-canvas-episode-01_article_128558.html