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Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete Campbell) Is Borderline Unrecognizable As a Pilgrim In a New Gritty Thanksgiving Origin Story

  After Batman Begins , it seems that every major character has to get a gritty origin story. Now it seems that even holidays are getting gritty origin story reboots, as National Geographic is airing a more realistic retelling of the origins of Thanksgiving this weekend called Saints and Strangers . (Don't expect any paper hand turkeys.) It stars Vincent Kartheiser, best known for his portrayal of Mad Men 's most punchable weasel Pete Campbell. Kartheiser has traded in the slicked-back hair and blue suits for a big, burly beard and long tendrils of hair; he sort of resembles a young version of Vincent Price's insidious Witchfinder General . Speaking with GQ , Kartheiser described his character, William Bradford, as "a Man who has a turn..."   Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/11/heres-vincent-kartheiser-as-a-gritty-pilgrim.html

Saints & Strangers Sneak Peek: The Pilgrims Receive an Unexpected Thanksgiving Guest

Just like yourAunt Nadine bringing her signature spinach dipto holidaydinners, Squanto knows hungry people generally like you better when you arrivewith food. So when the legendary Native Americanshows up at the pilgrims encampment in this exclusive sneak peek at National Geographic Channels Saints & Strangers, he quickly makes it clear that hes there to help [] //tvline.com/2015/11/19/saints-strangers-video-vincent-kartheiser-squanto-visit/