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So,the show is actually over.

I was so happy about the ending,even though I have to admit that it wasn't,of course,not a perfect one.It was a little bit too much of "all-the-pieces-fall-together".Natch,I probably wouldn't have wanted it another way,but I would have liked to see a little bit more of the development of those changes,I think.But,seriously,can you ever be happy with the ending of one of your favorite shows?Nah,I don't think so either.So screw you,"mean-folks-at-ABC-who-are-constantly-cancelling-all-the-shows-that-I-like" ,but kudos to all the people behind the show who gave us such a very nice,very worthy,very happy ending.

did this air last night?

i cant find any links and it says it should have started last night

When is "Samantha Who?" set to air again??

Does anyone know when "Samantha Who?" Season 2 is starting??

Who Tried To Run Over Samantha??

So, since the show started they've never found out who tried to run her over. It could have been a scared driver that hit her, panicked and ran for it, who knows? But here's MY theory: I think it was Dina who ran her over. She shows up at the hospital when Samantha got hit even though they apparantly haven't been friends since 7th grade. :/ Hmm....THEN Dina mentions that for 'some reason' her car can't drive over 50mph. To me, that sounds like something happened to the engine, ja? And finally, the obvious resentment that Dina shows every now and then towards Sam. What do you guys think?