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Incredibly moving episode

What an incredibly moving episode 'Do You think I'm going to eat my gun?' was. Fantastic acting all round. And Earl's job is beginning to take shape. Grace will only be saved when she forgives herself for 'killing' her sister, and stops trying to destroy herself to compensate.

Where's the last bit of 'lets talk' episode?

Ok so I finally found a link that works and its 42 minutes long, from where it ends its obviously not the whole episode and the running time is 60 minutes. Wheres the rest? :-( PS what i did see = AMAZING

FW: Cancellation Buzz....Oh Hell No they didn't

What the hell is wrong with these industry cats? Who gave them the right to cancel something and not include the opinion of the people who watch the show? This pisses me off so bad when the up and cancel a show and did not ask us...the viewing audience.....omg....what the hell man?

Holly Hunter is such a dead sexy babe.

Um yeah that's all I have to say.


Does anyone know when Saving Grace is coming back? Its been on hiatus for a while now and this show was soooo great i cant believe that its been canceled without anyone speaking about it, so anyone????? P.S i love earl!

I love Saving Grace

I am crazy about saving Grace and am having trouble finding a link to the last two episodes. Can anyone help.


Has any one else noticed that in episode 2 seson 1 james masters is the bad guy?