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My Princess

I thought this episode was pretty rotten. I mean, okay for a normal TV show but not up to scrubs standard. The idea was good, the whole fairytale thing with Dr Cox telling it to Jack but it was a bit too corny and tacky.

What is going happen now?

As much as i loved My Princess (the best episode after the strike), it isn't even close to what i was expecting for a series finale... =( what is going to happen to scrubs now? I heard something about them releasing the remaining episodes on dvd, and i know there is a possiblity that the show will continue for another season at ABC, but i need to know something for sure.. anybody got something to say about this?

i dont get it

the new episode my princess doesnt fit with any of the other episodes. It should have been earlier in the year, but for some reason its episode 11! Plz somebody explain?????