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How were the Ratings for My Finale?

it would be good to know and also it could even mabye decide if season 9 would happen or not.

My Chief Concern

really good episode with alot of things moving along. really great way to set up the end i think with all the emotion and change. its sad that theyve made it seem like Turk and JD might not have much more of each other in their lifes.

My Cuz (spoilers)

When J.D moves, Elliott better move with him! I (and i think i can speak for majority of the scrubs fanbase when i say this) have been waiting for them to be together for 8 years! It can't end now!

The Useless and The Lost - Scrubs

It goes without saying that this show has lost its umphh. But more than anything what irritates me about the recent episodes is the ridiculous pity the producers and directors are showering over the useless-waste-of-time-character - The Janitor. The hospital custodian, known as "Janitor", played by Neil Flynn, was originally visioned as a ghost who exists only in J.D's eyes. Therefore the Janitor had scenes only with J.D in season 1. The plan was when season one ended, they would dramatically reveal this fact and the show would end its run. But to the surprise of the makers, Scrubs got picked up for season two and Mr. Flynn didn't want to just have scenes with J.D anymore. Hence the character of the Janitor was thrown into several story lines where he would share scenes with the rest of the cast. Since season 2 it was obvious to me that the decision to turn the Janitor into anything more than a secondary-seldom-appearing character was not inspirational. Even though Neil Flynn proved at times that he could make the outrageous Janitor an asset to the shows ensemble, it has been quite impossible for me to like his character, personality and presence. Yet that character still exists and is even getting major focus. Why? well I think its because they feel bad for the old guy. What do you guys think? Do you like the Janitor? Do you like that they are giving focus to his character? I am clearly anti-janitor, are there more like me out there? In my opinion they should have kept the "Janitor is a ghost story line" alive, reduced Neil's screen time to 7 to 9 episodes a season and revealed the fact that he is a ghost in the shows last ever episode of season 8. To be honest there are so many wrongs to right in Scrubs. Season one had a certain tone which dwindled out of existence as the show progressed. I thus no longer can relate to the characters and feel the writers have done grave injustice. The episode "My Soul on Fire", which aired on April 15th definitely illustrates the extent to how much the show diverted from its initial run. In it we saw how useless characters got focus and how Scrubs lost every bit of its charm. I hope the future episodes are better. Scrubs is an Emmy award winning quirky comedy-drama based on professional and personal lives of characters working at the Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital. It airs on Wednesdays at 8PM on ABC

my soul on fire part 2 the best epi of season 8 by far?

i loved it, it was great and had all the fun from the older seasons with the plot still moving forward and setting up the ending. Its almost set now for Elliot and JD to do whatever it is they are going to ( if thats getting married or something else) and for some reason that episode felt like a mini movie for me. Any one else think it was season eights best episode?

my full moon ending

does anyone think that when Elliot said that if she had kids and got married that it was pretty much her saying thats what she wants and im almost sure that would be a good ending. Jd and Elliot marry, have a kid or kids, (like twins or something) Jd gets a big job offer from somewhere and then well that ends it. id be happy with that so anyone think thats going to happen and would it be a good ending for 8 seasons of the best show ever?

Flash Forward Finale

ok, we have 5 babies now and 5 (more or less) main characters, anyone see a flash forward into their adult lives coming in the near future? i think they might do it for the final episode. if they do, i am soooo saying 'called it'

my lawyers in love

does anyone know the names of the songs Ted and his band were singing? I know I recognize the song, but I have no idea what the names are nor who sings it.

How should it end?

So I read somewhere a while back that if this is the final season of scrubs (which it now definitely is) that at the end of the series JD would leave the hospital. So I'm just wondering, how do you guys think it should end? Personally, I think that whilst JD being so immature is what is so good about the show, he needs to be made to suddenly change a bit and grow up before he leaves the hospital. So they need to make something stupendously humongous happen to do that. And last week I was thinking about how amazingly well done the switch of character roles had been, with Dr Cox as the new Chief and JD forced to take over Cox's old "job" and how sad it was at the same time. And then I thought that maybe, they could end it well after all. People are probably going to hate on me for this, but I think that Dr Cox should buckle under the pressure of his new job, because he quite clearly can't handle not being able to be a proper doctor, and one way or another, whether its' drinking or a heart attack or something, Dr Cox should die. It would be the saddest episode of scrubs ever, but amazing if they pulled it off, and JD's recovery from this would be what turns him into a "man", but he still leaves the hospital. I think it's perfect, they could build up the new tension in their new relationship, take a bit more of a serious tone, and then hit you when you're least expecting it. As sad as ti would be, it would be a truly great way to end the show forever. Although there would obviously have to be a few episodes left to restore happiness and for JD to leave. So, what do other people think should happen??

does anyone miss the antics of Jd and Turk from season 7?

in the newer season 8 its much more on the serious side of things like patients being treated and the characters moving on to other things like newer jobs and settling down which is still really good but i really miss not having the stupidness of Jd and Turk clowning around. Plus i dont feel that were getting enough of the main characters. Turk has been pretty much non existent and even Jds daydreamming has been cut down, so does any one miss the way things used to be?