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Scrubs: Review of the Med Students - Featured

I just want to add a few thoughts of mine about the new characters of season 9. First, Denise Mahoney, played by actress Eliza Coupe. This one may be a little bias because I am crushing majorly on Eliza Coupe right now. But that's because she is so great on Scrubs. I liked her a whole lot last season as well. It's fun having another blunt character on the show. Most are just silly, though I do like that. Denise is very different from the rest of the characters, and it's always great to see her scenes and to know to expect something different. She's funny as hell, and not in the typical Scrubs way. Eliza is gorgeous and strong, I hope we keep her. Lucy Bennett, played by Kerry Bishe. Not nearly as good as JD's deer-in-headlights, naive, newbie-at-life daydreamer, but I like the character nonetheless. She'll never be 2001 JD or even 2009 JD, but hopefully she'll steal the show some time down the line. But for now, she is my least favorite character. Zach Braff's shoes are going to be hard to fill, but that's understandable. All that matters is that Kerry Bishe understands that. I do think she will eventually become a great lead-in replacement. But the great thing about Scrubs is that it was never a true one-man-show. Drew Suffin, portrayed by Michael Mosley. This guy was surprisingly funny. I wasn't sure about how I felt about him at first, but after seeing how good the actor is, I really liked the character. I think he is a good pairing with Denise, and not just in relationship terms, but in a character point of view to. I saw a little chemistry there, that has potential to build up over time kind of like Elliot and JD's. I loved their scenes together, they can make a very funny duo. I also like the Drew/Dr. Cox dynamic. And how JD fit's (or more like thrusts his way) in there. I'd like to see Drew's reaction to the Janitor. I can imagine it being very different than the way JD handled it. Actually, Drew's reaction to everyone should be very different than JD's. Which I feel is what makes this character really good for the show. Cole Aaronson played by Dave Franco... Wow. I seriously hated this character for about the first 5 minutes of screen time he had. But I couldn't deny my laughter at this kids attitude. He was naturally annoying at first, but even though he's a complete jackass, he is very easy to like. Scrubs writers have a way of making lovable jackasses, ie. Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, Jordan, the Janitor. Dave seems to be a perfect fit for that character. And I like fresh characters that bring a fresh attitude to the show. Maya, played by Nicky Whalen. Not much to say with so little screen time. I probably shouldn't even say anything about this character. But I did enjoy her scenes. I love how she responds to Dr. Cox's cynicism. She's beautiful and doesn't try to steal the show. I hope she has more appearances, I'd really like to see her get in with the crowd and show us her talent for comedy. Of course, Nicky is stunningly beautiful, but she doesn't seem to depend on that. I love her already. Let's get her more episodes! Well, that's my opinion about the new group. I miss Sunny, and I hope we get more Eliza taking off her clothes :)